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 vaccinesI see more and more dogs with so many problems from going to their veterinarians. Most people want to do what is right for their fur babies. Every time that card comes in the mail as a reminder that your beloved pet is due for their shots you make that appointment. Then the worst happens, your puppy/ dog has a bad reaction to the shot.

We know that vaccines can suppress the immune system. But what happens when we combine three, five or even seven vaccines into one? Do the Whombo Combo vaccines we give our pets increase the immune suppression even further? Of course, the answer is yes.  When cell meditated immunity is suppressed, the dog is more susceptible to not just viruses, but to bacteria, yeast, fungi, parasites, gastrointestinal upsets and skin conditions.

You will see a lot of more demodex in puppies and dogs. A great deal of health problems that vets treat every day are caused by aggressive puppy vaccine schedules or too-frequent vaccination of adult dogs.  We know that the minimum duration of immunity is 15 years for distemper and 9 years for parvovirus (Schultz et al, Age and Long-term Protective Immunity in Dogs and Cats, J Comp Path, 2010).

Vets continue to vaccinate annually and even every (3) three vaccines2years and that is simply too often.
To reduce the number of vaccinations your puppy is exposed to, vaccinate as close to 16 weeks, and NEVER vaccinate with the Whombo Combo. A simple blood test called a titer can measure the circulating antibodies in your puppy/dog to see whether they are protected. Avoiding the chronic disease that vaccines cause can save you money.

I personally have seen the damage that is done by over vaccinated puppies and dogs. Be smart when it comes to your puppy/ dogs health.


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Debbie Davis:   Has worked for a conventional veterinarian for 8 yrs. and a holistic vet for 3 yrs., a vet tech, a certified equine massage therapist, canine massage therapist, and herbalist. My passion is in all of my animals; dogs, horses, chickens, and cows. I have raised, and breed, Boston terriers for 35 yrs. All of my dogs and puppies are raised on a raw food close to nature as possible. I live in Eastland, TX with my husband. 


 BOSTON TERRIER NETWORK NOTE:  If you would like to learn more on this subject, we suggest you also read the current The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Canine Vaccination Task Force updated vaccination guidelines. According to ..."developed in a manner consistent with best vaccination practices, the 2011 Guidelines include expert opinions supported by scientific study, published and unpublished documents, and encompass all canine vaccines currently licensed in the U.S. and Canada. " We thank Debbie for her sharing Holistic inside experiences, on very important issues, like vaccinations. It is so important that we get an opportunity to learn more sides to these subjects and Debbie is helping us become aware of the side we do not always get.