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The saga of the $6,000 Boston


From the start of her life, things were just not going right for Gracie Mae. She was born with several serious medical conditions, notably the inability to control her urinary and sphincter muscles, leaving her incontinent of urine and feces, and sometimes constipated. In addition, she had bilateral luxating patellas. Luckily for her she was surrendered to res…

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Duke has something very important to ask of you.

 “Help me find a new home".

"Please! I am a good dog, it is just I have a high prey drive.  I just LOVE to sneak like a cat and try to catch something… birds, cats, dogs those small yappy types.  I just cannot help it. I promise you, I am a good dog. I just like the challenge of the hunt.” Duke goes on to tell you “Just look at my photos, I am a happy…

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Boston Terrier Network is undergoing some changes





Yes we are making some changes. This may take a while lots to do....


so in the meantime may we suggest this..... 




We will continue to publish articles  as we work around the changes..  Thank you dear friends and r…

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