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akilesANDROBERT JAN2015Hi, my name is Robert.  My English Bulldog, or as I like to say, Cuban Bulldog's name is Akiles. We live in Miami, Florida. I am originally from New Jersey, where my life began and went on a roller coaster ride that landed me in Miami.  I'm 43 years old and Akiles will be 9 in February.  I am of Cuban and Venezuelan descent.  I jokingly say Akiles is Cuban, because he was born in Miami, and because of my Cuban background.  I like to say we were destined to be together because what he was able to do for me no one else could, and that was save me from my own self destruction and


I was considered somewhat of a child prodigy. Excellent grades in  school, popular, and a talented athlete. I came from a tennis family and the torch, or should I say racket, was passed on to me. I traveled all over competing in tennis and received a full athletic scholarship to Rutgers University, a Division 1 sports program. All this time I still maintained good grades, was vice president of my fraternity and had a beautiful girlfriend.


What's the problem your asking yourself?  That was the same question I was asking myself. Why am I not happy?



tennisracket ballsAfter college I played a little professional tennis, and had small success. But as my popularity grew, so did my taste for all the things I swore off of all my life. I had a taste for the dark side of life and as the cliche goes; sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. I became addicted to cocaine was living in the NYC nightlife on a Harley, acting like an outlaw biker.  Somehow I was able to hide a lot of this, and married the same girl I went out with through HS and college after a 7 year break from her.  We reconnected and I thought this was my savior. I went to rehab, cleaned up and decided to move to Miami and have a new start.  




One of the first things we did was buy a bulldog, which I always wanted.  Things were great. However, a week after getting Akiles, I relapsed. I had slips here and there, and after having foot problems as a result of tennis, I got hooked on painkillers and Xanax.  This was the worst downward spiral I had. I had moments of clarity and always loved Akiles.  BUT, I was in my own world. Well, for my ex-wife she had enough and I didn't blame her.



 myworst ROBERTI went to Detroit to have a special detox done, because the withdrawals were to unbearable and dangerous to go cold turkey, due to the amount of painkillers I was using.  

My recovery was harder than I imagined, and coming back cleansed, I was weak physically and mentally broken.  Everything I had done hit me like a ton of bricks. I moved in with my sister and it was decided I would keep Akiles and my ex-wife would keep Charlie, a Cocker Spaniel I had found roaming the streets. I was always an animal savior, no matter what state of mind I was in.


So here we are, just Akiles and myself. I was broke, no job, and frail.  I thought I could fix it all, but it was too late.  I came to a point that I figured it was time to check out of this world, save myself the trouble, and spare my family anymore pain.  The world would be a better place without me. I took a gun, kissed Akiles as he slept and walked into the next room. I figured I didn't need a note as it was obvious. I sat down calmly without any tears in my eyes. I was broken and had no feelings left. 


youngbbulldog3As I raised the gun up I heard a sound.    Akiles walked into the room. 


He sat down in front of me and just looked up at me.  

I looked at him and I knew immediately what he was saying. Dad please don't. It's gonna be okay. We're gonna be okay.  



I broke down, placed the gun down and hugged him and told him how sorry I was for not always being there with him and living in my own bubble.  What I realized there was he never stopped loving me as awful as I was.  All he did was be present and love me no matter what.  We often talk about a dog or animals unconditional love and how powerful it could be.  I experienced it first hand and never looked back.  


After that day, I worked at a drug rehab, helping other patients. I am currently back in tennis, as Head Coach for some of the worlds top juniors.


I never had a hobby, but Akiles and myself now have our own fan page, called Silly Akiles MTB (Music Television Bulldogs). We make music video slideshows of Bulldogs that have everyone cracking up and laughing.


We've been asked by people to make personal videos of their babys that have passed on to the rainbow bridge and most recently by Boston Terrier Network to help them in placing their dogs in forever homes. I've never been happier and currently enjoy and cherish every moment I spend with my family and Akiles. I must also add that I received unconditional love from my family, but it was Akiles at that last moment who showed up like my guardian angel and saved my life.  


Please if any of you are in a bad place, trust me the storm will pass. But you have to, ride out the storm. Special thanks to my family and my son, Akiles. I will never forget what you did for me. I love you.

NOTE FROM BOSTON TERRIER NETWORK: You can contact Robert and Akiles on their facebook Silly Akiles MTB(Music Television Bulldogs). You just might be able to talk them into doing a music slideshow for you too!