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IMG 1097Hello Everyone

My name is Quentin Johnson. I have worked in the field of Animal Control for 22 yrs. I was honored when Donna asked me to contribute articles from a law enforcement perspective.


I have been so encouraged by the collaboration between animal control and rescue groups over the last several years. Our own agency only had two non-profit partners for the first 10 years I worked for them. In the last five years, that number has blossomed to over 100 different rescue groups that have helped us re-home animals from our shelter.


Please understand that for many years, animal control and humane societies/rescue groups were seemingly on opposite sides of the fence. What always baffled me was the fact that we were all trying to solve the same issues, but allowed differences of opinion and personal egos to take precedence over the primary goal of serving our furry friends. I have personally witnessed shouting matches and name calling between animal control workers, rescue groups, and volunteers. In almost every case, the outcome resulted in the loss of employment, the loss of good volunteers, and the dissolution of rescue partnerships. However, the ones who suffered the most from this disharmony were the animals in the shelter.


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There are specific topics that I have been asked to address. I promise to do my best to provide a professional perspective, and offer insights to the world of humane law enforcement. If you have questions, or certain subject matter you want covered please let me know.



Your friend,