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lostdoglookingThe following is the story line from a posting on social media I was following. I have removed the names and city because I did not ask to share their quotes... For my purpose that was not the important thing... What is truly important is the event and the outcome cause by sharing on social media...YES when asked to share a lost or found dog please do.   Here is why:

Dateline: April 2016   FLORIDA

This was the request along with a photo of a Boston Terrier.

C A W: “A friend of mine was jumped and robbed last night. His dog was either left behind or stolen, he doesn't recall last night as he was found lying on the ground unconscious. Once able to look for her, the dog bag was the only thing left. She is about six months old, Boston terrier. Please contact me if anyone has seen her. Greatly appreciate any help provide."

C A W: “........All he remembers is having the puppy in her carrier when he got mugged...he doesn't remember too much having been knocked out cold. At the hospital when he came to, I guess he must have asked his friends about the dog. They went back to look for her but found an empty carrier. They aren't sure if the lady was involved in the mugging or just happened to end up with the puppy one way or another".

BTN: We shared on our sites although we were in another state we have friends in Florida and there are many of our friends that also have friends in Florida. We were just doubling back to ask for a status when we noticed this on the original photo.

                           "FOUND! Reunited with the owner! FOUND!"


The most important part of the story is how this dog was found and the importance of sharing these lost and found pets quickly to make them show up everywhere … Please continue reading…………
From the comments on social media:
C M:   “That is so great how she was found! How did the lady get her, any idea?"

C A W   "Some lady had her and was trying to sell the puppy to a guy that worked on a construction job site. When the guy sent a picture to his wife who had been looking for a new dog, she recognized it from the internet so they called the cops. The power of social media!"

There…….. That is what I wanted to point out.....THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA AND YOU!!! 
BTN  would like to suggest that you look for the groups in your area that report lost and found pets and monitor them so you can share... Become part of the dog and cat lovers who are working so hard to help find the owners. You never know when it might be YOUR pet that goes missing.
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Although there a many many groups that specialize in doing this and they are very important to getting the word out, sometimes it is the random sharing that makes the difference.. So if you cannot donate, cannot volunteer, cannot foster, cannot adopt…  
This is one thing you CAN do and really make a difference… Help be part of the ALERT SYSTEM FOR THE LOST AND FOUND DOGS AND CATS…
Edited by Julie Bradford