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The event that all of us dread is the ultimate passing of our beloved fur babies. No matter how well prepared we feel we are, it hits us like a ton of bricks. Only time can ease that intense longing for them, but it never destroys the great love we continue to experience.


One glimpse of hope we rely on is that we will be reunited with our sweet babies at the time of our death. There are endless scenarios that could occur depending on your personal beliefs. The most important thing is to embrace a concept that brings you comfort. 





A very popular idea is the The Rainbow Bridge. 

 It is loosely based on a poem written sometime between 1980 and 1992 by an unknown author. As wide spread as the poem has been shared and the recent creation of it, it baffles me that nobody has come forth to take credit.




Pets go to the Rainbow Bridge upon their passing to wait for their owners. It’s another worldly place with a huge green meadow located on this side of Heaven. The weather is always warm and sunny so the fur babies can play outside as long as they want. There is always plenty of their favorite food and cool fresh water. Any signs of aging, sickness or physical deformities are wiped away. Although the pets are at peace they still miss their human parents and keep a close eye watching for them. Upon the human’s demise, the two are reconciled and happily cross The Rainbow Bridge into Heaven together for eternity.


A group on Twitter worth noting is @theaviatorsclub, which fly various missions that include Tribute Missions for pets that have passed to The Rainbow Bridge. This is a worldwide organization that is run by members for any who are interested in joining. Tributes are done quarterly and the public is encouraged to participate. A memorial remembrance can be very emotional but is always done in good taste with much love.


 Two locations, one imaginary and the other real, could possibly have inspired the poem's author to create The Rainbow Bridge. The first is a Rainbow Bridge located in southern Utah in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. It’s a National Monument and the world’s largest natural bridge. Some Native Americans hold the bridge sacred. The other is the Norse legend of the Bifrost Bridge which is said to be used by Gods to pass back and forth between Heaven and Earth.


Regardless of what you choose to believe, the notion of our precious babies waiting for us at The Rainbow Bridge can be a great comfort. Imagining them well, whole and happy again can bring much needed peace to those suffering from grief.