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593 BarbaraBrubb ET

This is my first Boston Terrier

ET essentially rescued me one day while I was doing volunteer work at our local shelter. He followed me around from room to room and even when women put him in another section - voilá there he was waiting patiently for me to play.

 ET adopted Barbara at the local shelter


Although I had no plans on adding a second dog to the mix, I did not drive home alone. My baby has been through hell and back by whomever owned him before and I have managed to repair the cigarette burns and embedded chain around his neck, in addition to so many other things. However, what I show him is pure love and lots of it. Sometimes I feel like I'm the one who's well trained, but that's still okay with me. I'd give him the world on a silver platter if I could.


593 BarbaraBrub ET Mercy My other baby's name is Mercy (Miracle). I kept the name the shelter gave him.

The president of the SPCA went on the search to acquire the abused dogs and when Linda Robertson saw him, the first words out of her mouth was "Mercy Me", as this was the worst case of abuse she has seen in her forty years.



Experience  Shared by  Barbara Bérubé

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