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Wendy Manning TyPhoon PennyOur adopted dog, GoGo had been going through a change, she was getting very aggressive about resources.

She had fought with both of our other dogs so we started crating her while we were not able to supervise her.

I was working hard to wear her out by exercising her several times a day. After a while, everything was going so well, we decided to try leaving her out with the others  


 Penny and Typoon      

Well, there must have been a treat or toy we didn't see left out. Penny may have gone for it and GoGo didn't like that and attacked her.

 It was a horrible attack and we had left the house and weren’t aware of what was going on.

Our neighbor heard something strange and went to the screen door and saw the attack. He started kicking the screen door trying to break up the killing.  Our renter heard that and came out and was able to get GoGo off poor Penny, but Penny looked dead.
Wendy Manning Penny2
Jonathan called me said to get home because Penny was dying! We were 10 minutes away. I called the 24/7 Emergency Animal Hospital and told them what happened. We got Penny there and they didn't say it but they doubted Penny was going to live.





Wendy Manning Penny


Crying, I got on Facebook and asked for prayers... and we received a miracle. Penny made it through the night. She would need surgery to repair the damage, but she was still alive. The Hospital would not let me see her for four  days  because they didn’t want her getting excited and damaging her stitches and they didn’t want me to get distraught by how horrible she looked.



We brought her home Sunday, but by Tuesday she had a hole in her throat with dying skin. I took her to her regular vet and she did another surgery last Thursday. Now her cheek looks horrible, and skin is still falling off so we are tending an open wound. Her eyesight is failing now too.

There is no end to the vet bills in sight yet. We will see what happens this week. This has been hell on earth for us.

We were able to take GoGo back to the rescue where I adopted her in the hopes that she finds a single-dog household more suited to her. They were very sorry about what happened, but not as sorry as we will be forever.

We are so happy to still have our little Penny, and hoping to have her a little longer too. So many of you have asked if you can help us by contributing to her overwhelming vet bills. We can’t thank you enough for offering to help in our time of need, but once we’ve made it through this, we will surely try.

 I learned is a lot of dogs change after one-two year old and become aggressive! After we went through this with Penny and GoGo not getting along. So many other people had stories of the same situation, even with cats!  GoGo has a new home now with a single woman and no other pets,.

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Wendy Manning

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