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MAGGIEmAE1Maggie Mae


Rescued by: Boston Terrier Rescue Oklahoma

UPDATED:  JAN 20, 2017

**On medical hold**

Our Maggie Mae is being fostered at Dogville and her wonderful foster mom, Delana, tells her story....

“She has gone from cautious and reserved to excited and happy after her surgery. She was nearly blind from her diabetic cataracts and she could no longer see to play with her toys. Now she greets everyone and loves going outside.

Maggie is Diabetic
Maggie will have to be monitored very carefully--tested at least twice a day and checked on one or more times a day. She is not a typical diabetic dog that just gets insulin twice daily. She's more like a human diabetic. She needs to be tested before eating and after given insulin. She needs to be monitored in case her blood sugar drops suddenly. Maggie is on a special diabetic diet.



She was nearly blind from diabetic cataracts

Maggie just had surgery to correct her cataracts that she had due to the diabetes.
She hates wearing her cone, but that should only be for another week to 10 days if she continues to heal.

Maggie is a total delight!
She is happy and wiggly and loves her toys. She has a lot of life left and a lot of love to give for the right family.

Maggie’s back story
Maggie Mae came to us because a family was in crisis and needed help.
Maggie was eight years old and experienced a sudden weight loss along with drinking a lot of water and having accidents in the house. Her owner took her to the veterinarian and there they discovered that she was diabetic. Her blood sugar on admission was in the 600’s! They immediately started working with her to try to get her weight loss and diet under control. After three days in the hospital and keeping her owner informed, they learned that the owner was in the hospital. Unfortunately, her owner’s condition meant that he would have to move to a long-term care facility and no longer be able to care for Maggie.
His adult daughter called Boston Terrier Rescue of Oklahoma for help. Typically, rescues are unable to take in dogs with complicated medical conditions, but I agreed to do what I could to get Maggie’s diabetes under control so she could be adopted by a loving family with some experience in this area.




We need YOUR help. Please consider a donation, either monthly or a one-time gift.
Maggie is a diabetic dog.  Her insulin is $22 per month, supplies (test strips, lancets and syringes) are about $60-$70 per month. She will need a glucose curve done 2-3 times per year. Estimated costs for this --$80-130 I'm guessing.

Her medical bills will run approximate $230 to $250 a month, due to all syringes, insulin, test strips, special food, and extra vet visits.

 Our goal for Maggie is to provide a six month medical fund, to help the rescue.  We are asking you to help us raise $1,380.  Thank you for helping us support Boston Terrier Rescue of Oklahoma (BTRO) and most of all, Maggie.






Contact Boston Terrier Rescue Oklahoma (BTRO) at info@btrescueoklahoma.com

If you are interested in adopting Maggie Mae please fill out an adoption application.   

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Maggie Mae

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