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We just kept draining it by pressing on it til it stopped

Almost daily we receive a request for some advice. Although Boston Terrier Network and friends, only provide insight and suggestions and personal experiences. We still have a lot of readers asking for basic information. We believe there are no dumb questions



Here is an example worth sharing again.

"Advice PLEASE. I took this guy to the vet Friday for an impa…

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Cats Write Dog Food Review...NO WAY!

What if we could get your cat to write a dog food review? What would that be like?

First, we have some obvious problems, cats don't write. So, we will need your help.

Second, why would a cat write a dog food review in the first place?

But, just in case you have a cat who would like to help Boston Terrier Network by writing a dog food review for us, we have provided s…

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Rain cut short this morning’s dog walk

 Rain cut short this morning’s dog walk.

I only took the two little dogs out for very short walks, because it was already starting to drizzle.
I believe it was Milton's first walk–one of his first walks anyway. He's just six months old and usually puppies that young are not allowed out to walk, but I was careful to keep him away from where others normally wal…

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