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Never give up hope too quickly: Katie's story

My dog Katie is a Lab/Beagle mix and she is the adopted mother of two Boston Terriers, one of which came from a Rescue.

Back in April, when I was letting them in from their last bathroom call for the night, the two Boston’s were ready to come in and Katie let out a big yelp.


When she got in sight I could tell she was walking funny, but as she got closer I cou…

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Have you ever used a vet nutritionist? (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)


Bingo, deaf and mostly blind, yet still active was recently diagnosed with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). He has been under the care of a vet specialist internist.

Bingo's vet was adamant, he told us the ONLY thing my Bingo could eat, beginning right then, was some very gross vet-developed food.


Well, of course, Bingo would not eat it.  I was no…

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Celebrating your pet this holiday season with this easy recipe, Holiday Paw Print Salt Dough Ornaments.  It Is so easy, Tallulah could easily make it!

Tallulah will celebrate her second birthday this year.  She is my constant companion both day and night.  We walk a minimum of two miles every day, we like to walk a maximum of six miles to keep us heal…

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