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They doubted Penny was going to live

Our adopted dog, GoGo had been going through a change, she was getting very aggressive about resources.

She had fought with both of our other dogs so we started crating her while we were not able to supervise her.

I was working hard to wear her out by exercising her several times a day. After a while, everything was going so well, we decided to try leaving her out wi…

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Barbara, ET and Mercy me!

This is my first Boston Terrier

ET essentially rescued me one day while I was doing volunteer work at our local shelter. He followed me around from room to room and even when women put him in another section - voilá there he was waiting patiently for me to play.

 ET adopted Barbara at the local shelter


Although I had no plans on adding a second dog to the…

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Guess what!
Boston Terrier Network is sponsoring again this year, our own amazing editing team member, Julie Bradford.

Also Tallulah will be there again this year. She is author of several articles. They are going to be participating in a 5K walk in support of HUB CITY SERVICE DOGS!




 Tallulah, the author of several articles for Boston Terrie…

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