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"Help a Boston Medical Fund"


This is a program we are very proud of. Here is how it works.


A Boston Terrier Rescue organization contacts BOSTON TERRIER NETWORK (BTN) requesting BTN to help an adopted Boston Terrier and its owner, in a great time of need.


BTN wil verify the following as a matter of policy:

   *  The rescue is on our list of valid rescue organizations.

   * The Boston Terrier dog was a rescued by the requesting organization.

   * The Boston Terrier has been adopted by an individual.

    * By filing out an request for help, the current owner of the Boston Terrier agrees to share information necessary for BTN to verify medical status and if circumstances will fit program guidelines.


Once approved, arrangements will be made to provide a grant directly to the medical organization providing the service.


Our only means  to help will be with the funding provided by those who believe in supporting this program. 


The more funds are donated the more Bostons we will be able to assist with medical care that will make it possible for a dog to remain in it's forever home.

We believe we have found an area that where our efforts will provide dramatic help and a great impact on the Bostons and their human companions.

As you can imagine this will require solid funding from our friends for this to be successfully.

How can you help?  Friends even $5.00 donations add up. Although we would rejoice for someone to donate thousands of dollars, and maybe someday we will be blessed with such large donations We want you to know individual small donations are valued.

In the meantime we need to start now to build this fund... Even if we only can help by providing $100 $200 for each dog, that is one more dog that just might be able to remain with his human companions.


We all know how important that is for not only the dog but the humans.  Imagine if we grow to where we could sustain helping provide eye operations, or insulin or heart-worm treatment or even simple x-rays and blood tests.  What a relief it would be...  Knowing that the owners could then afford to keep their dog and not surrender it out of love knowing that a foster home with the rescue would somehow find a way to provide for the medical care!

Funding sources:

S14520398 1765724580335083 2352544083414215770 neaside Designs   When you purchase one of thier amazing one of a kind Beach Glass Jewelry items, Chris will donate specifically to help establish this program.



Funds raised through purchases from or our recently opened BTN Shop on Facebook.  Our soon to be opened Shop here on our network web site will also provide a source for funds.

Direct donations:

    One time direct amounts can be made as often as you would like.

   Monthly donations of $5.00 or more are also possible


   Levels of grants that may be given will depend on proven need and available funds.

  All funds will go directly to pay for approved medical care. Not to an individual.


 We will not be accepting requests until we have accumulated at least $3,000 or more.








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