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This NewsFeed is about you and your passion, not just my passion. In a judgment-free zone, you will find other dog owners and fosters are dealing with the same issues you are with right now. We will be continuously evolving in response to identified interest of our readers. Anyone can write a NewsFeed. There are hundreds of blogs on dogs and Boston Terriers out there, I hope to make this one the best. I am passionate about, learning, sharing, educating while having a positive, humorous, fun, family-friendly experience. I have noticed you do also.

We hope that you will enjoy reading timely topics suggested our readers. We will archived our NewsFeed posts so that you can come back any time to reread, share, make comments, and even ask for updates.

If you do not find the help you seek, send ideas and comments so we can improve the site. We want you to know we will value your comments, and ideas for content.

Bookmark us and return later in case we have grown to cover your area of need. Share us with your friends and family we will enjoy meeting them also.

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Reviewed Aug 26, 2016