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 “Help me find a new home"

"Please! I am a good dog, it is just I have a high prey drive.  I just LOVE to sneak like a cat and try to catch something… birds, cats, dogs those small yappy types.  I just cannot help it. I promise you, I am a good dog. I just like the challenge of the hunt.” Duke goes on to tell you “Just look at my photos, I am a happy, people LOVING Boston. I just like to be the only one getting the attention. What is wrong with that?”

Several years back Duke was one of my Alabama Boston Terrier Rescue fosters, and was adopted to a wonderful family. Duke has gotten a little older and his needs have changed.

Duke wants to tell you what he is looking for in his next family.

"I am looking for a human adult that needs someone to be their constant companion. I am looking for a human that will let me share the couch and bed with them. OH Yes, I am looking for a human that likes to take walks, run and play in the yard. Who Knows I might even learn to like hiking in the woods, But remember I will want to hunt for those pesky critters that I can sneak up on and catch... NO I am not sure what I will do with them if I catch them.  I might need a human I can share a fresh meal with along the trail....Just kidding, I know you humans are not into raw meat.  Okay just a little bit of dog humor.... " 

 Here is what his current family tells us.

Dana Barrow Johnson tells us, “NO Cats or small dogs. Due to his highly developed hunting instinct, he will go after them. While we do have young children, we also advise no home with children". "While Duke has never snapped at our children", Dana Barrow Johnson cautions, "He does growl and lets them know to 'settle down' or 'leave me alone'. Duke responds to the energy in the home. If kids are loud and wrestling, he will amp up and engage."

Because Duke was a rescued dog we approximate him to be five years old.  Currently he is 16 inches to his shoulder. He weighs 43 lbs. In his new home Duke will need firm, loving human leadership and training to smooth out a few rough edges.


Duke LOVES people and will follow his adults from room to room to lay at their feet, forfeiting his naps.

He loves to lay with his adult on the couch. He LOVES to sleep with people. Duke seems to have developed a very protective approach to "His people", so he is not happy when other dogs want to share attention. 

Duke needs some training to teach him not to lunge and pull while on a lead,

He loves to run and jump!  So he needs to be exercised till he tires.

Very strong. Can get his chest up over a four foot fence while jumping for squirrels.

Very reactive to stray dogs coming alongside 'his' fence.

He rings a bell to go outside, is crate trained and is a WONDERFUL watch dog. He knows sit, down, bark and jump.

He knows the words 'treat', 'want a piece of ice' and will kennel on command to 'kennel up'. He gets 'mouthy' with people in play, but will stop at the words 'no teeth'. One thing about his discipline... he gets louder and harsher if you do. I can generally turn him from his growling/stare down with his BT siblings if I speak 'baby talk'...only attend to him and scratch his ears deeply (he loves that). Most of the time that works but if you get stern with him and there is another dog in proximity, it's almost like he takes it out on them.

He eats 3/4 cup of Iams proactive health mini-chunk food, twice a day. At (6am and 5pm)

He is kenneled while we are at work from 7ish to 3:30 or 4.

He is a WONDERFUL dog and needs to be with an owner who can exercise him, NO cats, no children and likely no other dogs.

I can't stress enough how loving a dog he is. His coat is the softest I have ever felt in my life! Or that I've ever had in my life. When people pet him, they remark on how soft he is.

To follow up you may either Contact Alabama Boston Terrier Rescue or Dana for more information call 731-614-7003

Please let us know if you know of someone whom we should contact that might provide Duke a home. Thank you, Dear Friends.

Alabama Boston Terrier Rescue

edited by Julie