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IMG 4352How Can We Help the Pets of the Homeless?

For people facing economic hardships, including the possibility of not having a home to live in, they still cherish the love and companionship of their dogs, cats and other pets,  In fact, the unconditional love of an animal can be especially important when life is at its hardest.  We have all seen homeless people on the streets of the cities where we live and work.  It is not uncommon to see their pets by their sides (usually dogs).  

How can we help the pets of the homeless when they need food and veterinary care?

 One organization is dedicated to providing such help, it is called Pets of the Homeless.  They provide most important basic needs for these animals:



  • Pet food and pet supplies
  • Pet wellness clinics offering vaccines, spay/neuter, nail trimmings, etc.
  • Emergency veterinary care for issues like parvo, mange, broken bones, and skin infections
  • Pet crates for homeless shelters that allow pets

But, how can you help Pets of the Homeless care for the animals in need?  If you work or volunteer with an organization that provides aid to the homeless, such as a food pantry, you can contact Pets of the Homeless about forming a partnership with them.  

Even if you do not work with the homeless, you can still help the homeless pets in your community by finding a pet food donation site that is in your community near you.  Simply type in your site to find a local place to drop off donations of pet food and supplies.  Many pet-related businesses like animal hospitals and groomers have signed up to be a donation site, so finding one is easy.

Also, you can coordinate a pet food drive for a local organization like a food pantry that provides pet food to the homeless.  Do you know a business owner?  You can set up a pet food donation site and start collecting food to be delivered to local food banks.  Anyone can make a difference!  Just help!

Edited by:  Jan Mitchell