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1 TALLULAH JULIEBradfordBoston Terrier owners know that their dogs rule and here is why:

A Boston Terrier can give you the impression that these little dogs are ready to brawl, but they are far more interested in being your best furry little friend than fighting you. Here are a few more fun, interesting facts that only Boston Terrier owners know to be true.







2 AliceBlakelyCalvert Boomer



1. Boston Terriers might have a cantankerous look on their face, but they are lovers - not fighters!







 3 AmyKelleyShilesky


2. They might be small in size, but Boston Terriers are sturdy little dogs that can hang with the big dogs.




 4 FayeBogganNettles LouieRoxanne



3. Boston Terriers are extraordinarily adaptable to your lifestyle.


 5 BobbiHainesLekhmus Taters




4. Boston Terriers are low-odor dogs when it comes to their coat, but can clear a room with their frequent flatulence!




 6 VickiGreene



5. Boston Terriers sit and sleep in the most comical positions!









7 ElizabethMStaley Bunker


6. You will instantly fall in love with a Boston Terrier puppy when you see one and you will move Heaven and earth to bring one home. If you spend five minutes or five hours with a Boston Terrier puppy - you will want one!

Boston Terriers are like potato chips - you cannot just have one!






8 MicheleBechtoldt Jack lola





7. Did you know that the Boston Terrier is an All-American canine and the official dog of Massachusetts?  A little trivia.











 9 DebbieFoltzJerauld Poppie

8. Boston Terriers have the most expressive facial expressions that will make you laugh out loud!





10 BethScott DadGetsStareDownforatreat



9.  Personal space?  Please, do not ask a Boston Terrier what that means unless - they are in it!








11 AprilArgo Skye



10. Did you know that Boston Terriers are not recognized as terriers by the American Kennel Club? They are however, a Native American Breed.  






12 DesireeShearerSchellinger Ella




11. Can you say slobber?  Boston Terriers are incorrigible slobber monsters!








13 DonnaThomasGoforth Bogey


12. Enthusiasm?  YES!!!!  Boston Terriers show chaotic enthusiasm in everything they do!




14 NikkiMurry Bruno



13. Boston Terriers can decimate a toy in a matter of seconds! Do not let their small stature fool you!






15 VickiGreene




14. Boston Terriers get along supremely with other pets.








16 LindseyBaimaBeard Gattie




15. The Boston Terrier has one mission in life:  to be your very best friend!





Now you know why

17 DebFjelsted Bubba



 Edited by:  Jan Mitchell