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WigglesWe do not often have the distinct opportunity and pleasure to showcase other websites.

This website, the owner is a friend, we have been watching with amazement, not only his Bulldog collection, but his website. 

This must be paradise for our Bulldog friends! Even history buffs have a lot to attract them.

In the past we have even done several articles with Eiffion Ashdown, the founder of an amazing one of a kind collection of Bulldog items. This has grown into the number one UNITED KINGDOM site of collectible of all things Bulldogs.


This must be paradise for our Bulldog friends!

In about seven short years Eiffion Ashdown, has turned his passion, started in his home, into a world class Bulldog collection of Museum quality. Recently the collection has attracted worldwide attention and this vast collection of items are now listed as an official collection under the Brighton Museum (UK) website private collections page!  

13062647 1560084450952242 1521056547 oInvitation to write articles for readers internationally

Eiffion is now looking to expand into sharing with the world, your articles as a blogger or writer on his web page.

He has reached out to Bulldog lovers in the USA inviting you to add your knowledge and experiences about bulldogs. Here is your chance to join up with this amazing man and his passion.

No, you do not have to be a Bulldog owner or have a collection of two century old, one of a kind items like Eiffion has collected, to work with him.  

He is seeking bloggers for his web page. If you write or want an opportunity to write for the world, here is your chance. Contact him today. Learn what he is looking for. You just might find that many of the subjects that help us in the USA, would be eagerly read in the United Kingdom and across the world. Many of the subjects we write for Boston Terriers are read around the world through our Network.  
To our international readers, you too are invited to contact Eiffion.  You never know what may happen…


Watch Bulldog Collectibles Intro Video

 Edited by:  Jan Mitchell