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GayleChildersGullick Pixel
"Pixel with her prayer blanket! She is doing very well! Vet calls her a miracle. Still confined and weak of course, but I have my baby back! So, grateful and blessed!"

Back on the first of November 2016 I became aware of Pixel and her owners pleas for help. Her owner, Gayle Gullick, was in great distress. “I have had Pixelpop since birth. She is my heart dog ". Pixel has always been extremely healthy and active. A few days ago she vomited and aspirated and began to choke. She hid behind the sofa and when she came out, it was obvious she had injured her neck.

Gayle Gullick took Pixel to the vet and she was put on crate rest and multiple meds; including tramadol, a muscle relaxant, prednisone and recently gabapentin. Her condition deteriorated and she could no longer stand up. "This injury came on the heels of our Boston Booberry having a cancer surgery the week before that was costly. Our wonderful vet has been holding a check for Pixelpop's current care, but feels that she needs to go to the UGA veterinarian school for an MRI and probable surgery”, Gayle went on to tell us. The needed surgery would cost around $3,000! Not an unusual sum of money when you are talking about this kind of surgery.


Although this is not a rescued Boston, and now adopted by a loving forever family, the problem is the same.
How can a typical family on a fixed income afford the sudden overwhelming costs of medical care without making some heart wrenching decisions of either putting the dog down, or surrendering the dog to the closest rescue just to give the dog a chance at the necessary medical care? They Can't.


Too many times a rescue is contacted.  Many times rescue decides to help the beloved dog remain with the family and find ways to support the medical costs through asking for help from their supporters and the public.

In a plea to the public for support, Gayle Gullick set up an online campaign to raise money. “This will be possible only with the financial blessings of friends and family. I love my babies so much. I will be devastated if I have to put my baby girl down. If you can, and feel led to help save Pixel, please make a donation or pm me on Facebook to mail funds directly to me or her vet.", she explained in Nov of 2016. The public responded and she was able to raise$2,396 of $3,000 goal. Dog lovers united to help Pixel.

Pixel courtesyDrCurcio GayleChildersGullick

We saw another update on November 30th. “Pixel is out of surgery!! She made it! It was bad, but he removed as much material as possible and it is now wait and see. She will be there at least through the weekend...No visits... No excitement allowed. Thank you, thank you 1000X's over to everyone, I can never repay your kindness! Much love!!”  Just from reading this you can sense the relief, anticipating the joy of having her “heart dog” home and back in her arms.


Pixel at North Georgia Veterinary Specialists! Thanks to you guys! Picture, courtesy of Dr. Curcio, her surgeon 

Recently we saw another post from Gayle, "My baby girl is HOME! She is still knuckling her left foot, but overall they (North Georgia Veterinary Specialists) are THRILLED with her progress. And so are we!!  I can never, ever thank you enough for your thoughts, prayers and financial blessings. God is so good! Pixel will have 6 to 8 weeks of recovery and therapy exercises."

This is an example we are seeing daily now, as medical costs escalate. Most dog owners do not have any plan or insurance to cover the costs of having dogs and paying for the medical bills. Now that we consider our pets, especially dogs and cats, not as domesticated animals and pets, but members of our families, new problems have arrived at all of our doorsteps.

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Co-authored by:  Donna and Julie
Edited by:  Julie Bradford, Jan Mitchell