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I have always secretly wished that I could have the same powers as Doctor Dolittle, just because if I could know exactly what animals are thinking and feeling, I think that would really be valuable information to have.

Knowing why my dog barks at the vacuum cleaner or hides when she is scared?  I do not think I will know the answers to those questions. But thanks to new developments in the science of dog communications, I now know whether or not my dog loves me.

Scientists have uncovered that because dogs and humans have been so deeply intertwined throughout history, dogs have developed unique ways of expressing their love for humans.  

The signs are very slight and they are not always obvious, all you need to know are the tiny signs that prove your dog’s love for you.

   bt licking lady1 Leaning On You

Dogs will lean on their human because he is anxious and wants you to do something or take him somewhere.  But leaning is also a symbol of affection.

Even if your dog is leaning on you out of pure nervousness, he is still doing it because he thinks of you as someone who can protect him and keep him safe.  



Cuddling With You After A Meal

    If a dog cuddles with you after his meal, it is a strong sign that he indeed loves you.








092a Beth Scott Boston giving dad the stare down for a treabt


Staring Directly Into Your Eyes

    When a dog looks at you while the two of you are playing or cuddling, oxytocin is released.  Oxytocin is the same hormone that helps new mothers bond with their babies when the new mother is nursing.  If you would like to test this theory out - try to maintain eye contact with your pooch during your normal routine and see what happens.  






Watching You Leave Calmly

It has been said that if your dog panics when you leave, that it is a sign that they love you. That is more a sign of separation anxiety than love!

If your dog goes into his crate or is accepting of you leaving, it means your dog loves and trusts you and is confident that you will return.



007a AngelaEmgeBrandenburgTreasureTrinketChakka


Freaking Out When You Return

We all feel very special when we come home and we are greeted by our pooch with his tail wagging and he is jumping all over the place like a maniac!  It is a good thing we like it, because this is a distinctive way a dog shows his love for you - and it is love in its truest form.


025a CindyTaylorHopkins Brutus BowzertheyloveeachotherSleeping In Your Room

Another way to figure out if your dog loves you is observing where he likes to sleep.

It is part of a great big controversy, but if your dog wants to sleep with you in your bed - even if you do not allow it - he definitely loves you.

    If a dog wants to sleep on your bed, it is a good test of his loyalty, because he does not want to be separated from the pack.  

095a Nikki Murry Goofball BrunoB



Bringing You His Favorite Toy

If your pooch brings you his favorite, most coveted toy, it does not just mean that your dog wants to play. Although wanting to play with you is a sign of affection, when your dog brings you his favorite toy it may also mean he thinks of you as his pack leader.

He wants to please you by offering you his finest possession, be it a squeaky toy or well-worn ball.  He thinks you will like it as much as he does and as they say “sharing is caring!”

Petie MarilynMorganHolzerland


Enjoying Your Love

Do you love your pooch?  Dogs can sense without question whether or not you love them.  So if you do not love them, you are going to get their love back in return!

How do you show your pup you love them?  Please let us know in the comments below!

Julie Bradford