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Recently we told you about Lita, one of our partnered Rescue's Boston mix who is ready to be adopted.


Tina, Lita's foster mom told us that Lita was her first foster dog.  Tina explained how Lita has blossomed into a wonderful young lady.  We thought you would enjoy learning more about Tina's experience as a first time foster mom, so we asked her a few questions.




How did you decide to become a foster parent?
We became foster parents for the first time ever when Kimberly at the Boston Terrier Rescue of Oklahoma asked me. I recently grew to be more involved with the rescue during their Facebook online auction in late February. As well as donating many items, I also raised donations within the Oklahoma City Metro Area that were auctioned off. A very short time after the auction closed, my cousin's husband found a nearly starved and abandoned Boston Terrier on a rural route while going to a customer's home to repair their heating system in their home. We named him Max. Unable to keep him, I reached out to Kimberly, asking if the rescue could take, vet and nurse him back to full health and then place him for adoption. Max stayed with us for nearly two weeks until he went to be with the rescue.

What barriers did you overcome to start fostering?

My husband and I didn't face any barriers when it came to becoming foster parents for the first time. Since Lita was our first, our only concerns were whether we could manage and control a troubled Boston? But, we decided to take a leap of faith and fostering Lita has been one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives.
What advice do you have for anyone thinking about becoming a foster?
See the last few sentences in the original story about placing your ego in check and keeping continual lines of communication open with the rescue group.

How many fosters have you had?
Lita is our only one and she has been with us since Saturday, February 13th, I believe. The Facebook auction must've been early February.

What is the first thing you do when you have a new dog?
Since Lita was our first, I do not have much history here, but with Lita, we didn't rush her since she had been so abused. We followed the advice of Michael (Miss Lita and “The Circle of Trust”) and placed her crate in the center of the living room where the center of our family activity was, leaving the door open for her to venture in and out as she felt comfortable.

Just what is a foster mom?
To me, a foster mom is being a loving mom as if the foster baby were your very own.
We don't know all of the true experiences, the good, bad and ugly, that these rescue dogs have faced or been subjected to throughout their life and until being rescued. I believe that everyday thereafter, being rescued are healing days for these babies, recovering from any abuse and neglect and enjoying every moment of love, affection, play and feeling secure.

What do you do when there is a problem?
For me, my recommendation to other new foster parents is to call your main contact with the rescue group and discuss the issue for their decision.
Keeping communications constant with the rescue will also help alleviate any potential problems or surprises and they have so much more experience with these babies than a new foster parent does. They've seen and done most all and have protocols in place when a problem arises. That is what they are there for, after all.

What rescue organization are you fostering for? How did you meet them?
My husband and I are fostering for the Boston Terrier Rescue of Oklahoma.
We first met Kimberly, with BTRO, a few years ago when we applied and adopted Rocco, our oldest Boston. Last year, we adopted Dexter and remained in closer contact.

What did your family say when you told them you wanted to foster a Boston?
My husband and I didn't discuss becoming rescue parents with our families. It happened quickly, but it didn't surprise them when they learned about it, because they know we are passionate, and fanatical for the Boston breed. We have had three prior Bostons before our Rocco and Dexter.


Do you have other questions you would like answered about being a foster parent?

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Edited by Julie Bradford