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Some years ago I fed Pedigree dry and canned food for about 15 years. Thought I was doing all I could for my beloved Bostons. One day as I was feeding some canned food I noticed that there was something blue in color in the can. So I took it out..OH MY to my surprise it was a rubber glove. Not good at all. Next can had metal shaving in it.

I was in shock, my dogs could have ate that stuff if I wasn't paying attention to what was going on.  You see over the years of feeding the same dog food, treats and doing all shots it did not help in the least for my dogs to be healthy.


It was the opposite, Not one but 2 of my females became ill within 6 months of each other and both passed away. It was then that I had to change how I was feeding my other Bostons and 2 big dogs for their health and well being. I did a lot of research on feeding a Raw Food diet.


 Once I started the dogs on the raw food, the dogs became more alert, not itching and had healthier teeth and gums. Their health was 100% better than before. Now 15 years later they are all on Raw meat (grass-fed only) still doing great  with no health issues at all. In addition they get raw bones once a week for calcium. Through trial and error I have learned what not to feed them.


Most all dry food is a dead food, it takes 6 hours to digest and the dogs are not getting the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Granted some individual companies do put real meat in their foods but you will not find these in any store, you have to order direct from the company.


In canned Pedigree as an example, it has Sodium Nitrite. They use that as a preserve for the so called meat. It is the same stuff used in all lunch meats. This chemical is known to cause cancer. Now their dry kibble for adult/puppy has: ground whole grain corn, poultry by products (rendered meats), brewers rice,corn gluten,  preserved with BHA another cancer causing chemical and soy bean meal. Which is a GMO product has lots of Remedy pesticides in it.

Dogs do not digest corn, almost all dog food says corn first unless it is a private company then it is some kinda meat.

Another so called food Purina Beneful puppy: Ground yellow corn, chicken meal-by-products, corn gluten meal, whole wheat flour, PROPYLENE GLYCOL and sugar.  Propylene Glycol is anti-freeze folks just plain and simply. It should not be in dog food period. Over time you have poisoned your puppy/dog with a chemical based food.


If you would like more info. on commercial dog foods please read "Food Pets Die For shocking facts about Pet Food" by Ann N. Martin This book talks about rendered diseased animals being used for the food your feeding to your beloved Bostons or any other breed of dog/puppy. Please become a label reader and known what you are buying for your beloved pets.