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dustybone 2I need to try something else. Dusty just doesn't seem to be losing an weight. We have had all the blood work done and nothing was found. We have cut his food intake in half over a three month period and no treats, Except one or two pieces of dehydrated sweet potato, at night before we go to sleep, and a tiny dab of cream cheese to get  the pain tablets down, and I DO MEAN DAB. I was using Peanut Butter. I have learned, when you are are trying to cut back on calories, even this little bit adds way to many. I have never had to look at long term weight reduction for dogs. Usually as a foster group home, it was the exactly the opposite. They needed to gain weight.. So this is all new to me.


No matter how you slice it, diet is a dirty word. It smacks of deprivation and hunger 60390 Kibbles bowl 260pangs. So I, like the normal pet owner, must overcome the notion that I am starving him, if I do not feed him all the time as much as he will eat... Well I see the results of this wrong thinking...

To overcome, I needed a better plan. How do I reprogram myself not to feel like I am going to starve my poor, deserving dog.  How do I learn not to feel guilty when I do not respond to those pleas for food? This is much tougher than you could think.


I went to work looking for ideas on how to approach this problem. I talked to Dusty's vet over the amount of food and kind to feed him along with how often.  Then I started researching for inspiration on how to accomplish this daunting task.

Dusty's vet agreed I was on the right track by slowly decreasing the amount of food he was getting and was pleased to know I had already decreased his food intake by one half over the last couple of months. He also was please to learn that I never gave him table scraps. Many dogs become overweight because of the table food that they are fed on a regular basis. The vet warned me,"Your dog may beg for awhile, but it is best if you do not give in."  Right, easier said then done. 

I have tried several of the brands of weight control kibbles. I was already measuring out the amount of food to give Dusty. (Many owners will simply pour a large amount of food into the bowl without knowing if it is the recommended amount.) While checking my dog's food packages to see how much I should be feeding, I had read that the amounts on many of the labels were on the high end of recommended size to food amounts. Which is not what I needed to be doing with Dusty. I was told to feed the weight I wanted him to be NOT what he was.


Other advise I was given and learned through research:

   DUSTY 6770  Establishing an exercise routine for your dog is much more involved than most think. Overweight dogs need to be gradually introduced to exercise if they were previously inactive. Jumping straight into a daily walking regimen can lead to joint pain or injury instead of weight loss. Plan before you embark on your journey. Unfortunantly Dusty not only is overweight but a contrubiting facter is a bad knee. He can not go on walks only short outings around the front yard. If he goes down there is now way I would be able to carry him. But we do go out at least once or twice a day. He of course has the back yard but is not motivated to walk around there enough to do much good.


This advise is my main weapon until he starts loosing enough weight that he can walk for longer times.

Correct portioning of quality food is more effective for weight control than diet or weight management food. Essential fats are removed from diet dog food to reduce the amount of calories. The problem is essential fats are necessary for healthy skin, coat and to sustain energy level.

I have been following this tidbit of advise with the addition of green beans and homemade dehydrated sweet potatoes slices, some carrots.  But forget the celery...Dusty has not developed a taste for this vegetable at all.

Don’t use people foods as dog treats; instead use healthy dog treats like carrotsfreshfoods or celery. These treats can still allow you to reward your dog without adding unnecessary calories. Don’t think your dog will eat carrots? Give it a try; you’ll be surprised.

Working with my Vet, I think we have reached the place where he is stablized, slowly at least not gaining weight.  But Oh I look forward to the time that he starts showing that he is losing weight.

Set reasonable goals and be consistent. Slow and steady is the name of the game for long term sustainable results. "Your dog did not gain extra weight overnight and should not lose it overnight either." Smaller dogs should aim to lose no more than four ounces a week while larger dogs can aim for one pound per week.


This was an interesting little bit if information and as it turns out when I can we do try to go to the front yard in the morning.  But My schedule won't let me follow this much.

Exercising your dog in the morning is far superior than midday or at night. By walking your dog in the morning you dog’s metabolism will be primed to burn fat all day long, even at rest.


So you want your Boston join you in aThanksgiving meal? But you want to make sure it is healthy.

We have some suggestions for you to consider.
We borrowed these from several sources and hope they will help you find something with the following.

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whoa! I had a few questions about who establishes canine health food standards. I thought that would be a simple inquiry with a simple answer... Not so, as I found out very quickly. In the process of getting this one question answered, I stumbled into a whole new complicated world of dog food regulation and standards. But that I will leave for another article.