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0007Do you have to give your dog medications that are so bitter they refuse to take them?


Here are some suggestions you might consider.

  • Put it in cream cheese, peanut butter or canned dog food.
  • Try ice cream.
  • You can also wrap it in some cheese, stick it in a bite of hot dog, roll it up in some sandwich meat, etc. I buy Vienna sausages by the case for that purpose. Just find something he likes and hide it inside.
  • If all else fails, you can push it down his throat. I hate having to do that but I've had to do it.
  • Use a piece of hot dog or roll up in a little piece of lunch meat.IMG 5852
  • Get a small piece of meat and wrap it in there, get another piece of meat and hold it in other hand. Let him smell the second piece of meat, get him excited for a treat, give him the first while showing the second one for another treat. They will want to gobble the first up, just to get more.
  • Peanut butter is our miracle! If they still don't want to eat it, I kind of wipe the peanut butter on the roof of their mouth, and they'll definitely take whatever it is! Sounds mean, but it's almost impossible to spit out, and fun to watch too.


  • or a bit of sardine.


  • If the dog medication is a pill without a coating or is a capsule, usually it is safe to crush and mix with food. Your veterinarian and your veterinary pharmacist can give you guidance on whether a medication can be crushed or not.


 Source:  Recently posted on social media from various readers.