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071a DesireeShearerSchellinger2 Ella NEBTRforeverfosterUnfortunately, we cannot take in any more dogs until the funding is set to take care of the girls. Plus, the girls cannot be adopted until they have been "fixed,"

These are the words that every rescue at one time or another must tell someone who is asking for help.

Christine Flowers Coulter from Old Dominion Boston Terrier Rescue told us recently, "I cannot begin to tell anyone how horrible it feels to tell someone that wants help that we can't help. Four dogs with various degrees of aggression issues need a place to go and we have room for one."

Rescues have three great challenges according to Guidestar an organization that rates nonprofits.

Although these are nonprofits, across all the spectrums, they are probably the same for our nonprofit dog rescues; and in our area of particular interest, Boston Terrier rescues.

According to their research finding money to accomplish the mission accounts for 46%.

"All other challenges pale in comparison to the need for funding to keep our doors open and accomplish our mission," wrote Dr. Roshani Shay of the Hawaii Wellness Institute. Barbara Wetzler of the SPCA of Central Florida, Inc. agreed: "We never lack for vision, ideas or enthusiasm. The challenge is always finding sufficient funds today to safeguard the agency's financial vitality while working toward a progressive and stable future."

Another area of great concern for nonprofits, according to the same research by Guidestar, was filling every board position. That seems to be only half the battle, however. DeeVon Quirolo of Reef Relief stated, "It is especially difficult to enlist board members to help raise funds, despite their commitment to do so, for our organization as part of their 'job description', which they pledged to uphold upon joining the board."

Also mentioned as a challenge was lack of expertise. That prevents nonprofits from publicizing its efforts:

"I have found that because we are a very small volunteer animal rescue group with limited knowledge in what kinds of resources are available to help us, we continue to stagnate on a certain level of what we actually can accomplish. If we could find ways to get exposure (free)—I am sure we would be able to procure proficient volunteers to help in areas of this organization that, as of right now, are simply not being addressed, i.e., organizing fundraisers, getting corporate donations, grant writing, graphic designing for our web page, writing newsletters, etc."

So the next time you are asked to give money or donate or want to really help your favorite dog rescue, also ask if they need someone to help on their Board of Directors or help raise funds, or help in other ways. So many of our favorite rescues would love to have you volunteer to help on their webpages, write or publish their newsletters, transport their dogs, do home visits, respond to mail, make crafts to sell and don't forget... writing grants. You name it, you are needed. If you have skills and cannot find a slot to fill, just ask Boston Terrier Network, we will try to help find you a volunteer position to match your skills….

Photo provided by Desiree Shearer Schellinger, 
Ella is a NEBTR forever foster

Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue (NEBTR)

Old Dominion Boston Terrier Rescue (ODBTR)

Edited by: Julie Bradford, Jan Mitchell