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Red Flag #5: Bostons who don’t look like Bostons.

Dedicated breeders strive to produce puppies that are as close to the AKC Boston Terrier breed standard as possible. Those who do not adhere to the standard are not breeding to improve the breed, they are often breeding for profit or for their own agenda and do not have the best interest of the breed at heart. This can include breeding “Olde Boston Bulldogge’s”, breeding poor quality dogs that lack Boston type, or breeding for disqualified colors. Just


Red Flag #9:  The breeder raises many different breeds.

While many Boston breeders may have one, possibly two more breeds, someone that has more than 3 breeds and is breeding them regularly is typically a profit breeder or puppy mill. When you get into multiple breeds, the number of dogs you keep increases dramatically and the chance of the puppies being raised inside the home and well socialized decreases.

Woo hoot! You found a breeder that has several puppies to choose from! BZZT! Not good.has several puppies to choose from! BZZT! Not good.

red-flag-mdPart 1  of 3 “Raise the Red Flag”

How to select your new Boston Companion

At some point in their lives, all those with good taste (at least in my opinion) discover that their lives will not be complete without a Boston terrier. Who can blame them? I question the sanity of anyone who does not want a Boston, and even look suspiciously at someone who owns only one.