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 Nole Jenny 3Rain cut short this morning’s dog walk.

I only took the two little dogs out for very short walks, because it was already starting to drizzle.
I believe it was Milton's first walk–one of his first walks anyway. He's just six months old and usually puppies that young are not allowed out to walk, but I was careful to keep him away from where others normally walk.


He was so excited, sniffing everything, running in circles when I didn’t walk fast enough for him then stopping to sniff and explore some more and constantly coming back to me for a pat of reassurance!

The other dog that I walk, is eight-month-old cuddly Molly. I was out with her when it started to thunder and the clouds got really black. When I squatted down to untangle her leash she just climbed onto my lap.  I had to carry her back!


If you don’t like being pelted with rain, why should your dog be any different? After years of domesticated living with plush doggie beds and dinner served at precisely six o’clock, it’s no surprise that some pups prefer not to get their paws wet.

If your dog isn’t showing signs of storm anxiety, it’s perfectly alright to get him out in the rain to do his business. However, leaving him outside until he goes is not only cruel, but it will probably backfire on you.


Here are a few tips to help him get his paws wet:
Share your umbrella or find spaces between buildings and bushes that are more protected from the wind and rain.
Purchase canine rain gear. Many dogs do well with doggie raincoats and some will even tolerate wearing boots.

HiediPierson Traeger9weeks
Q: Can bees fly in the rain?
A: Not without their yellow jackets


 Edited by: Julie Bradford, Jan Mitchell

Photos provided by: Nole Jenny, Sandra Hutto Faria, Hiedi Pierson