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BTN 500 Are you tired of bad news?


 Have you ever wished something to look forward to and would consistently bring a smile to your face? Our NewsLetter’s main focus is to keep you informed of what is going on within BTN and make you smile. Our editors and writers will work hard to at least get one chuckle out of you while keeping you informed of upcoming Boston Terrier Network articles, events and other interesting items.  

How about accepting our gift to you, of an absolutely, QUICK-TO-READ NewsLetter sent to your email?  A day-brightener, which will become a special present from us, which you will look forward to opening. We will not we promise be filling your inbox. We have been looking to only sending emails when there is something worth sharing with you.

Boston Terrier Network (BTN)  offers a free subscription email based NewsLetter for Our BTN readers.  Usually we send out about four to seven emails a year.


To register, you must go to Go to the bottom right corner of the NEWSFEED to sign up at the “JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER”. Once your request has been approved, you will receive our next newsletter.  

Your feedback is very, very important to us. You get to help including the opportunity to give us ideas on just what you enjoy reading, or add.  So please do not be shy!

Background on the Boston Terrier Network (BTN) NewsLetter
We would like to introduce you to your BTN’s NewsLetter.

BTN is a growing independent Boston Terrier Network based in North Alabama.

YOUR NewsLetter’s main focus is to make you smile while keeping you  informed.

Our Motto: “We are stronger together than we are alone.” We are always looking on how we can make a positive contribution in everything we do. We understand we cannot achieve much good if we try to do everything ourselves.

We launched the BTN NEWSFEED on 17 August 2014.  We are happy to report, thanks to our readers and volunteers we have surpassed our target goals. We want to thank each of you for your help.
We will keep this family friendly, with interesting and challenging topics that relate to your love of Boston Terriers.

 We hope that you enjoy BTN NewsFeed and this NewsLetter, for the quality of the articles and topics your friends write. Your suggestions dear readers and friends are always welcome.

 We have invited many of your friends to help us by being guest writers, editors, researchers, and many other areas.

We will continue to invite our readers to share their skills, experiences and talents with us. If you have not yet tried to write for us, you might find the experience, challenging, yet fun. 

This is truly a wonderful way to share your personnel experiences and stories. If your first articles are accepted, we will add you to our inner circle of guest writers


Coming in our UPDATED NewsLetters:
Our Dog Food recipe challenge (We will suggest a recipe that we will try and hope that some of you do too. We invite you to report back to us what your results were).
Personality Profiles (This is where we will feature a special Boston photo from one of our readers).
Links to articles written.  You might like to catch up on if you missed one.
Yearly calendar of events, We will update this list as events are added.
Opportunities to help,   With new programs there will be many ways individual friends and readers can volunteer to help. Yes we are even looking for someone to help with creating sunshine. Our Sponsor a Squishy-Face program is interested in nominations to add to this program.
A Monthly “thank you” gift, available ONLY to our readers of the newsletter. Each month one email address will receive a special second email. if you respond within 24 hours, “the gift of thanks” will be sent to you shipping included. Nothing in life is free so this is our way of thanking you and sharing our appreciation for your support.
Shop sneak peeks and special offers Soon we will add sneak peeks of new items being sold in our new BTN Shop to support our newest program “HELP A BOSTON”. (a medical grant program for rescued and adopted Bostons- more on this later).

BTN 500Reviewed Aug  26, 2016

Edited by Julie Bradford