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signpoopnoEvery responsible dog owner agrees... picking up after your dog is a MUST.
No matter where or when it occurs there is NO excuse for not scooping the poop. But not everyone knows why it is such an important issue that a growing number of cities have Ordinances that make it unlawful and fines are imposed, when people do not pick up after their dogs.


 So here are 10 of the most common reasons:


1. It is the law. Many cities now have ordinances. Many more are working to adopt them. Just like littering, it's unlawful NOT to pick up after your dog, and your violation is subject to fine.
2. It is common courtesy. Cleaning up after your dog shows respect for neighbors and your  community.
3. Dog Poop is unhealthy. Abandoned dog poop can host diseases and/or parasites which can infect petpaksign1other dogs who come into contact with it, or be transmitted to people who accidentally step in it and track it home. Particularly at risk, of course, are children who play on the ground. Disposing of dog poop immediately helps all dogs stay healthier and reduces feces-borne parasites and illnesses. If your dog has diarrhea, and you cannot clean it up, you should not allow your dog to defecate in places where other dogs or children may come in contact with it. If your dog has prolonged diarrhea (more than two days), you should take her to the vet.
4. Dog Poop bio-degrades slowly. Some people think it's okay to leave dog poop because it will break down naturally. However; the process is very slow, and especially in places where the dog population is high, abandoned dog poop can accumulate faster than it breaks down. In the cold weather, poop freezes and because poop that is frozen to the ground is almost impossible to clean up, it will remain where you left it for several weeks to several months.
5. It is not fertilizer!  In fact, poop impedes landscaping efforts. Leaving dog poop encourages other dogs to mark that spot (by urinating over the previous dog's scent); poop left on the grass contributes to the problem of "nitrogen burn."
6. Dog Poop pollutes the water. Dog feces, like any feces, contain high levels of nutrients, like nitrogen and phosphorus, which actually pollute the water. Dog feces and urine contain relatively large amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus. These nutrients feed and stimulate the growth of algae in water bodies in much the same way as fertilizers help lawns to grow. This can cause the water body to become depleted in oxygen, making it less healthy for fish and large levels of growth can impede recreational and aesthetic value of water as well. Cleaning up after your dog is environmentally responsible. And please don't dispose of dog poop in storm drains; storm drains are a direct conduit to our rivers!
7. Dog Poop is unsightly. Everybody knows that. It's disgusting. Pick it up. We all deserve to live in a clean city where we can be proud and step lightly.

BT dogpark18. Dog Poop tops the list of complaints against dogs. Along with dog aggression, nuisance barking or unsupervised dogs, most complaints against dogs are about people not cleaning up after their dogs. This is true for city parks, sidewalks, and your own lawns.
9. Dog Poop makes dog owners look bad. For everyone who cares about their pets,the worst thing about dog poop is that it is bad for public relations. Dog Poop is a big reason for negative public sentiment against dogs. Every time you don't pick up after your dog, you are giving one more reason for others to dislike dogs and dog owners.
10. Your actions set an example for others. When you pick up after your dog, you are part of the solution! And your actions will help convey the message that it's the right thing to do. Many people even carry extra bags to offer to others as a subtle and neighborly hint that cleaning up after our dogs is what responsible dog owners do. More and more people are taking it upon themselves to pick up "orphan poop." These people are truly ambassadors. You can set a good example, too. If you see orphan poop, pick it up with one of those extra bags you are carrying. Your actions will encourage others to do the same! It's up to each of us to do our part in keeping our public places clean and poop-free. Make sure you carry bags with you. In fact, carry extras and offer them to dog owners who aren't prepared or may not yet be educated about the importance of picking up after their dogs. Spread the word that Poop Destroys Our Good Reputation as Responsible Dog Owners.
I found it interesting reading what different cities  around the country put out in their ordinances concerning dogs and the failure to pick up the poop. Here is a small sample of what variety there is in these ordinances.
 Tonka Bay, MN:
Licensing and Regulating the Keeping of Dogs :
"Any person having the custody or control of any dog shall have the responsibility for cleaning up any feces of the dog and disposing of said feces in a sanitary manner. It shall furthermore be the duty of any person having custody or control of any dog on a public property or on the private property of another to have in said person's possession suitable equipment for * Amended November 8, 1990 the picking up, removal and sanitary disposal of feces."
 Los Angeles County, CA:
Animal Nuisance Ordinance: Requires that owners pick up and properly dispose of their pet’s waste from all public spaces and walking areas for sanitary and health reasons. The City of Walnut would like to remind pet owners to be courteous and pick up after your pet while walking your dog or animal on City sidewalks, trails, parks or other open spaces.  To help promote clean up, the City has installed pet waste stations at all City parks. These stations provide not only Zero-Waste biodegradable bags with which to pick up your pet’s waste, they also provide a sealed container in which to dispose of the waste.
Houston, TX
There is an ordinance relating to picking up fecal matter deposited by owned dogs on property which snoppycop1does not belong to the owner of the dog or where the owner has consent to let his/her dog defecate.
(a) It is the duty of each person in control of a dog or cat to promptly remove and dispose of, in a sanitary manner, feces left by such dog or cat. (b) It shall be the duty of each person in control of a dog or cat to be in possession of materials to remove feces left by a such dog or cat. (c) It is an affirmative defense to prosecution under this section that the person in control of the dog or cat is the owner of the premises, or the owner’s agent of the premises, where the dog or cat deposits feces. (d) Violation of this section is unlawful and any violation shall be punishable upon conviction by a fine of not less than $75.00 or more than $500.00. Each act in contravention of this section is a separate offense.”
Tampa, FL

The city has set up "pooch stations" along the Riverwalk dog run and in Curtis Hixon Park. At the stations, pet owners can throw away dog waste or get bags to take along on their walk. "Removal of animal excrement" ordinance is part of the "Canine Litter Campaign". The fine is $150 for owners caught not picking up after their pets. Subsequent fines are $300, then $450 for the third offense and any thereafter. If the fine goes unpaid, a warrant will be issued and the owner could face jail time. Code enforcement officers are on the lookout mostly in the early morning and after work hours.

 New York City, NY

 The Parks Department is giving dog owners $150 more reasons to pick up after their pets - it's raising its pooper-scooper fine to $250, from the current $100. The higher fine will bring parks up to the same $250 fine that the Sanitation Department began imposing in November for doggy-doo violations on the streets.

 Austin, TX

nopoopeatsignNot picking up the poop could end up costing pet owners a hefty $500. That’s the same price you’d pay if you were convicted of another Class C misdemeanor like disorderly conduct, public intoxication and simple assault. Some folks are fighting mad over the law, which requires that park police or animal control officers catch the perpetrator in the act and then watch as the pet owner leaves his friend’s mess behind. The whole poop debate is raging across the country as cities pass ordinances designed to clean up dog droppings in major urban areas.




There is money in those poop piles!!
It’s also giving rise to a new service industry of pet waste removal with names that would drive the pun hater to the nut house.
Pet waste removal companies with names like Wholly Krap; Stinkies; DoodyCalls; Have Doggie, We’ll Doo!; and Dog-Gone Doo-Doo are literally raking in the money by raking up the poop.