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Puppy speaks1

Hello humans,  I thought it  was time to write my memoir or whatever you call those ongoing sorta true life experiences...

I do not have a title for it yet... I need to think about that. But here goes .

The first thing I can remember is, I got a Boy for Christmas 2012. I think the Boston Christmas Elf arranged it.  He was  the cutest little boy.  I don't remember how old he was.  I just was glad I had a playmate. I missed my siblings all 5 of them. I never learned their names. At the time I just hoped that Missy wouldn't be mad at me for leaving so abruptly.  (I learned much later that was my real mom's name).

 The cats were the hostile ones. Lady Greystoke and Yoda went over to where I was safety crated the first night and Pfffffft expressed their "delight".
I will never understand cats. They seemed to be expressing to me that, they weren't too sure about the idea of occupying the same room even with a crated puppy. I tried to make friends the first chance I could.  Lady Greystoke  gave me one of those "Pazazz" sounds only a cat can make, she stood her ground, paw raised ready to swat if I came any closer.  So I just stopped, watched, stood, watched then decided to go play somewhere else. Since then they have been mostly taking refuge on high ground peering over the edges at me.  I have learned  to understand some of their talk, they called me names like "that icky thing"  "the intruder."


That sounds like a good title for my first chapter, Do you like it?boxwithbow




I can remember my first Christmas, That is when I first meet my Boy. I was brought into the house that morning by my boy's human uncle.  I think I stayed the night at his place in a box. The same box that I was brought into my new house. The Uncle,  (I wonder if he was the Boston Christmas Elf?) had placed a top on the box . It  sure was dark and hard to stand, cause he kept moving the box. Finally he put the box down. Good thing I was getting dizzy




openboxAnd when the boy opened it there  I laid. wow!  That kids head was huge! and noise that came out of his mouth! I was so surprised. I just cringed and tried to move away from the giant head and the noise... But to no avail before I knew it I was being yanked out of the box and bounced around. I don't remember much after that so much going on..  Lots of excitement, and once I got my paws on the ground I realized it was a miniature human... I have never see a boy before but he turned out to be a great playmate.  At least he had better names for me and seemed glad to see me unlike the cats which I met a little later, as I told you above.  I liked the names the boy called me a lot more too. "a cute adorable puppy." When he is home, I won't let him  leave my side. Funny thing is I have grown to like him, I feel like it is my job to keep him safe, and away from those Cats. 

cat1Speaking of cats, whenever boy leaves, I go under the couch.  I am not sure what their intentions are, but if I don't  get put in the safety of my crate, that is the best place for me.. Those creatures come looking for me when boy is not there.  I think they are hunting for me. I wonder if they want to play? Woof!!  If I call my human mom, she usually comes and the cats scurry away, pretending they are chasing a squirrel.


It is all about training humans..

It took me a while to get the humans to understand, And with lots of work on my part finally the humans showed me where to go outside. Learning how to communicated with the boy was impossible whitesmiliecat1for the longest.  Now everyone knows that when I first arrive I have no idea I was supposed to go outside. I would just stop in mid play and do it. With that introduction you can guess where this little story will go.  I did get into a routine, mom would fed me and we started to play on the bed. I figured real quick the bed was not the right place to go. So even tried the cat box, (only once- brother, those cats sure did not have kind words about that either).  I kept a close eye on mom hoping she would understand. Neither were helpful. Paying attention to his signals is also important. I gets fussy when I needs to go out. If mom try to say "just a minute" well, tough, I can't wait.

My  house-training has really coming along according to mom. Sometimes it just takes a while for humans to catch on. This afternoon I was quite fussy although we hadn't been out too long before.  Yup, as soon as she opened the door an let me out in the grass I relieved myself. Just yesterday, I ran to my backdoor three times and each time proved that I was ready to "go". Duh, if I experience anymore "accidents" in our house I will certainly know that it was Mom who failed.



Boy and I have this game that I called 'get the blanket'. How you play is you pull his blanket off his bed and you shake it in front of him. Of course, he tries to get it. It's so fun to play. I've been playing this game with him ever since I can remember.  But we have to keep it a secret.  for some reason mom gets very vocal and don't  enjoy us playing the game... Not sure why, unless she is upset that she did not get to play.

Another favorite game is" run and be chased", If you combined it with "hide and seek", this can be very exciting. The first time we played this game Boy really got excited and called mom to come play with us. Even the neighbor next door joined in for a while. I was walking around the backyard without a leash. Then all of a sudden I started to run to the woods. Boy got very excited. So I ran as fast as I could and Boy tried catch up to me. He got me right before I went into the woods. My mom was very mad at him. I was out of breath. Thank goodness I'm a fast runner. That was such fun. But for some reason they would not let me walk without a leash outside. This was when I first got there, before the men came and put up a fence. I really did like that game. It was so much more exciting for all my humans be for the fence came.



 thanksgivingpuumkin1Well,I just want to say that I think that I have the most amazing Boy. He is a  is very smart. He can do lots of tricks and he listens very well. I do not have to say anything. Which is good cause those cats get all wierd when I try to talk to them or the boy if they are in the room.  All I have to do is use body language and he does what I want him to do. Well most of the time he does or I can go get mom. She is by back up. She watches out for me and I do the same for her. We understand each other. We know what each other is feeling, and we are there for each other.

 One day when boy came home from school, our mom, boy, and I went to the creek we live by. When we were going down the rocks that were laid on the ground around the creek, I saw the creek for the first time. Boy and I started walking along the edge of the creek and I even got to learn how to swim. Not so keen on that. It was interesting to bark out warnings to Boy. All that water made me nervous. Mom also stayed close at the waters edge but Boy, he was loving it.  I was so full of relief to see get out of that water.

  That reminds me I had a little trouble when I frist came to my new home getting my humans to understand that I need a clean dish of water. And Boy is getting much better at telling his friends to be gentle with me and not pull my ears.



WOOF, one more thing....   My name is GizmoPuppy speaks1