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bellybandsBelly Bands are cloth bands that wrap around male dogs. The Velcro really helps keep the band on securely; therefore, it is difficult for the dog to get off, when the band is on good.
Your foster homes will like it better to have a few of them.
You know each dog is different in adapting to them.
Some have no problem with them and others will take a bit to get used to.
The right size is very important. You need a good fit with a Belly Band. If it is not wide enough they chartbandsizewill not work correctly.
Belly Bands can be washed and dried, many times. To wash them just make sure the Velcro is together and wash in warm water and hang to dry. One hint is if they pee a lot; put a maxi pad in the band it will help absorb the pee.





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We have discussed this issue several times on social media over the last couple of years so I will let our friends tell you what they think of using Belly Bands and Female Panties.


What our friends say

Sue Hernandez: They work well for males of course. We always tell people they are a tool, and not going to potty train your dog, but would do well for a senior dog.
Charlene Bowen:  Be careful to keep them very clean, because they can give them infections.
Gabby Calvert Vogler: Belly bands are usually velcroed wraps that go around the penis so the dog does not pee all over everything he is not supposed to. Very helpful for show dogs and any male dog that marks. It will save your house.
Lisa Pieper Cochran-Kmecik: I always used the male generic brand of "Depends" pads in mine for the boy dogs. They fit in there just as a maxi pad would. You just change them out when you need to. Then you just put the Belly Band in the wash once a week, or more if needed. So, depending on the size and gender of the dog, I would use either a Depends or a maxi pad. You can also cut them to fit, and if you are concerned about budget, you can use the inserts that come with them and wash them. But frankly, they do not wick away the urine like the pads do.
Betsy Aust: I use the "Simple Solutions" brand, buy them online instead of the pet store. They have an absorbent area sewn into the band that works pretty well. I keep several, and launder often. For my male fosters that are habitual markers, the bands are worn 100% of the time indoors. Some males will be discouraged to mark while wearing the bands; some will mark inside anyway, wetting the band. Better wetting the band, than wetting the corner of my sofa.
Dezi-Ray Hoover: Had an incontinent older beautiful girl.. Momma used baby diapers, oneises andGRACIEMAEpantie2 94 under drawers on her. Saved our bed (we all sleep together in a king sized bed at night), saved our floors, and helped our lovely lady not feel so bad about letting loose!!! She lived to be 21 years old. The last five years of her life, she had potty issues (peeing that is) and she became deaf over time. Other than that, she had no problems and lived a gracious, regal life.
Dee Ann: The Velcro really helps them, hard to get off if it is on good. Any rescue you would talk to would tell you how they are lifesavers and foster parents will be happy to foster again. Now when you let them outside, take the band off and then they can mark all they want without the band. I have found once a marker always a marker. I know with my belly-bands they can be washed and dried... I like to hang them to dry. You need a good fit with a belly band. If it's not wide enough they will not work correctly.
Pam Satterfield: Yes! I had to use diapers on my two dogs that had congestive heart failure. I bought the cheap store brand. For a male you probably want to buy a size 2 and use like a belly band, attached with Scotch brand packaging tape at the top. Don't buy generic tape because it will split and peel. The Scotch brand packaging tape will not hurt his skin. It’s super easy and makes life so much better when they start having this problem. I use them for new fosters too until I know if they are house-trained. I use a baby diaper as a belly band on new male fosters, and my Eddie when we have a new male in the house. They are cheap and will actually work better than a belly band. I attach them with clear packaging tape. it won't hurt their skin. I know Becky and Adam use this method too on their marking male fosters. Herbie is on furosemide and he has always been a leg lifter to begin with, so now it is extra bad. I made my own Belly Bands out of some super soft old t-shirts and they work great.
Melisha Culver: November 18, 2010:  Take an oversized Wool Sock. Put a Sanitary napkin inside it and tie is securely around his private area. Works as well as the ones I have bought off the internet that were custom made.  I only have to use them when Mr. Tanner is around NEW things. Seems he has to mark them.  
Princess Sophia: November 18, 2010: We used toddler diapers and female pants on our 15 1/2 year old pom. It helped her but I think the bands would be easier. We had to lift her tail which we think may have had some arthritis and made her uncomfortable sometimes.
Kathleen Griffin Coyle: I used Belly Bands on Thai and he was potty trained in no time. You just put in an incontinence pad (one with the sticky tape) and then it Velcro’s around their mid section covering their privates.
Boston Terrier Network: Gracie Mae is our Diaper Girl. She has no control when she is pooping and peeing. To allow her any normal freedom to be a young Boston she will have to wear panties for her lifetime, when she is inside.  She wears human baby size 4 diapers, covered by the doggie panties.. I use baby wipes, warm water and a cloth or baby diaper rash cream to coat both areas after cleaning up (NOTE:  from my research on this area I find that just because a product is used on Human Babies that doesn’t make it safe!!!!Please read below about diaper creams containing ZINC. GEE Whiz!)



If the dog is also urinary and fecal incontinent you have additional challenges. They are not insurmountable. The dog obviously cannot groom himself, it is important that the dog is bathed frequently.  Even with frequent bathing, you will still smell urine or feces at times and bathing may be more difficult with a large dog. 
If dry skin becomes a problem with frequent baths, obtain from your vet a moisturizing rinse.
Be sure to maintain good flea control. You will need a waterproof product, such as Frontline
Dry shampoo, that is available for "spot" cleaning.
Caution:  Zinc based creams (commonly used for diaper rash) on dogs is toxic if licked, so do NOT use this! Zinc oxide can cause intra vascularhemolytic anemia, gastrointestinal upset from direct irritation, and, potentially, multi organ failure. READ YOUR LABEL.
Baby wipes are especially handy in caring for the dog, as is self-rinsing shampoo.


What are their other uses?

Scent Marking Training Aid: They are great for markers. If your male dog likes to hike its leg up on furniture, this will discourage this behavior. When you let them outside take the band off and then they can mark all they want without the band.

House Breaking Training Aid

Protection Submissive/Excited Urination


 How Not to Use a Belly Band or Female Pantie

The purpose of Belly Bands is not for birth control.
The Belly Band is not designed as a “catch all” when you are away and cannot be back for his regular break.
The Belly Band should only be worn while supervised.
Please consult your Vet to make sure your pet's urinating problem is not health related.
Ask your Vet for his recommendations on how and when to use any type of Belly Band.



An example of an undersized ill fitting Belly Band





 If you would like or need custom made Belly Bands, Female Panties and suspenders or other special orders We recommend that you check out these social media friends.


 Sources custom made from our social media friends:

DeeAnn McCann


Maryruth Monahangraciemaepatties 9120 

(Gracie Mae is so happy with her suspenders that she wanted to show them to you )


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