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 BOSTON TERRIER NETWORK: This is Part Two of Two.  In Part One we were introduced to how Lucie was rescued and adopted. Now we will learn how saving Lucie's life resulted in this Boston saving her owner.

One evening, I was sitting on the couch, and Lucie was laying on my lap. She rolled over and looked up at me, and it suddenly dawned on me. She was the dog in my dreams that was being mistreated. Same half white face, same thin dog. Coincidence...I dont think so. I cannot expain it, but I can tell you this, since we rescued her, I've never had that nightmare since.

Lucie settled in and we started working on some of her bad habits. She would charge the fence anytime she saw a walker or jogger coming down the street. She absolutly hates the UPS truck, the school bus and motorcycles. But she has learned that when I say "NO LUCIE" to stop and come back to me.


 This past April, I started having health issues with high blood pressure and headaches. My Dr. put me on a drug called Toporol and it seemed to help. On May 5th, I had a meeting with some classmates, to finalize the plans on our 40th high school reunion. While having our meal, I developed a dry hacking cough and had to get up and leave. It persisted into the evening and finally at midnight I gave in and took some cough medicine to be able to sleep.

Beans always sleeps in bed with us, and Lucie has a giant Temperpedic dog bed in the corner of our luciebeans2bedroom. She never disturbs us during the night to go outside. Once she goes to bed, she sleeps all night long.

At around 2:00 A:M, I was awakened by Lucie, furiously licking my left hand that was hanging off of the bed. Half awake and confused, I swung my legs over the side of the bed to sit up. I went to breath in and I could not get my breath. I panicked and could feel myself slipping into unconsciousness.

I managed to hit my husband and get him awake. He got me up on my feet and I was then able to gasp small amounts of air. I told him, "I need help" and he ran next door to our neighbor, who happens to be our doctor.

I was transported to the hospital by ambulance and when I arrived at the hospital, the on-duty emergency room Doctor told my family I was suffering from total lung failure and I had to go to surgery immediatly to have an air tube put in. There was no time to waste, I was slowly suffocating.

The last thing I remembered was being wheeled past my son and husband, standing there with tears in their eyes. I wasnt afraid to die, I had accepted Christ as my Savior four years earlier and I knew I was secure in my salvation, but I remembered how sad I was for them. I knew how hard it would be on both of them without me.

I was put on life support and did not wake up for two days. I had a trachea tube in and could not talk. They kept me sedated so I wouldn't pull the tubes out.

On Thursday afternoon I started tripping the ventilator and they removed the tubes that had been breathing for me. I asked the pulmonologist what happened. He said I had a one in a million reaction to the drug Toporol and it caused my lungs to swell shut. He called it Brachial edema and said it can be fatal.

I told him how I was awakened by Lucie licking my hand, and he said I should go buy that dog a big T-bone steak, because without her waking me up I probably would have laid there and suffocated. He said I was probably gasping in my sleep and it alerted her that I was in distress. He said he had heard other stories where dogs sense a problem before people do.

So I feel like by me saving Lucie in 2013 she in turn saved me this year. She lives a very pampered life with me, my husband and her Dog sister, Beans. Do I believe that God put her in my life for a reason? That's the ony explanation I can come up with. She is a hero and has a furever home with us as long as she lives. So yes, I think Angels can appear in many forms. Mine just happened to be a scared, homeless Boston Terrier that now holds a special place in my heart and in my home.


--Part 1 of 2--