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Major Payne and I had another very special visit at our favorite nursing home.











First we visited with Ms. S. She was so happy because she is going to be moving to an assisted living home! She is so excited. It is close by so I will be able to visit her there. While Ms. S. and I were talking in the activities room a woman came in but when she saw Major I could tell she was not happy and she left.

Later on, after several short visits with other friends, we walked down the rehab hall. The room at the end of the hall had two patients in it. The woman closest to the door begged us to come in but I noticed the other woman was the one that did not seem as if she wanted to be around Major so I asked her if it was ok to come in and stay near the door, she said that was ok.


Major got loved on and gave a bunch of love to the first woman and showed off all the tricks he knew. I noticed the second woman was watching us and would occasionally make a comment. I finally asked if she would like to pet Major. She hesitantly said "yes". I held Major up to her and she petted him a bit and he licked her arm, She smiled a big smile! 

The three of us began to talk and finally she asked if she could tell me her story. I told her sure. She said that a while back she had been bitten by a dog and has since been terrified of dogs even though she was a dog lover before that. She is diabetic and the bite got infected and in the end she lost her leg. She says she had not touched a dog since the bite but Major seemed so loving that she wanted to try and she was glad she had. I was so happy for her.