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Coconut Oil . . . It Does a Boston Body Good

What is Coconut Oil good for:           


* Applying to doggie’s skin Why?? Coconut Oil can help to clear up skin conditions such as eczema, flea allergies, contact dermatitis, and itchy, blotchy red skin. It can aid in reducing allergic reactions and improving skin health, integrity, and vitality. It really does make our coat…

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Tips For Weather-Proofing Our Four-Legged Friends

Winter for most people means colder weather and that it’s time to get the family ready for braving the elements.


While you are gathering up the mittens, extra layers and warm beverages for the kids, don't forget to prepare the furry members of the household too! Many dog owners may assume their much-loved pets come with a ready-made fur coat so winter is not a…

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 “Do dogs have souls? And will my dog go to heaven?”

Recently I was asked “Do dogs have souls? And will my dog do to heaven?”
How can we answer this?

We all want to believe our beloved pet will go to heaven. We have all reached out and tried to comfort many of our friends assuring them that their recent loss would be waiting at the rainbow for them.

I spent an afternoon searching for some answers. I found there has been m…

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