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Introducing your Boston terrier  to water: Part  2 of 2

 Teaching a dog to swim is similar to giving swimming lessons to a child.Teaching a dog to swim is similar to giving swimming lessons to a child. Swimming is an excellent exercise for your dog. It works the heart and the lungs as well as stimulates the entire musculature system. Unlike heavy running and darting through hard ground, swimming will not be hard on t…

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Grieving Our Pets  Part 2 of 2
The key thing in all of it is doing what is best for you and your family. Some people walk away from the death of a pet saying that they will never own another one. “My pet was my best friend and we have had him/her for 15 years, there will never be a replacement!” Guess what, that’s a natural response and you’re right, there will never be a replacement, which leads me to my next thought.…

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You Found a Lost Dog… Now What?


 I’d like to start off this article with a real life story. This story is of a family with two Boston Terriers, male and female.

One summer evening in 2007, a windstorm came through and knocked down part of their fence.  Without realizing it, the owners let the dogs out after the storm had passed and they slipped through the damaged fence.  The…

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