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For the Love of Lucie: PART ONE OF TWO  Saving Lucie

BOSTON TERRIER NETWORK: Every once in a while we are told on the news how a dog was saved by the owner, only to have the dog save the owner. We are amazed at the strange consequence this appears to be. This story is from someone who experienced this first hand.


 So begins my story of how I saved a little Boston Terrier only to have her save me the followi…

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RIDING IN AN AUTO Part 2 of 2  REDUCING THE RISKHere we go again.  Just riding in my car, my Boston and me.

Reducing the risk

Back in our vehicle again, now we remember our previous discussion. The joy of taking our Bostons with us, and some of the risks we may not want to think about when we have them in vehicles. We have put together some ideas that might help us not become a distracted driver when our Bosto…

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RIDING IN AN AUTO, Part 1 of 2

Here we go, riding in my car just my Boston and me.     

Whew! is this not Always any fun!?

We all do it. Our Bostons demand it… We grab the keys and head for the door, and come to a dead stop. Our path to the door blocked by one or more jumping, barking, rear end wagging excited Bostons.

If you make eye contact you can see it loud and clear;…

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