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How do you know when one dog is dominant over another?

How do you know when one dog is dominate over another? My understanding of how this all works is basically this:

If you have several dogs in the home, you can control the dog’s behaviors by being more dominant to the other dogs, but if you leave the dogs together unsupervised the dogs will return back to the one dominant dog. You did not change the true pack order, on…

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We just kept draining it by pressing on it til it stopped

Almost daily we receive a request for some advice. Although Boston Terrier Network and friends, only provide insight and suggestions and personal experiences. We still have a lot of readers asking for basic information. We believe there are no dumb questions



Here is an example worth sharing again.

"Advice PLEASE. I took this guy to the vet Friday for an impa…

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Cats Write Dog Food Review...NO WAY!

What if we could get your cat to write a dog food review? What would that be like?

First, we have some obvious problems, cats don't write. So, we will need your help.

Second, why would a cat write a dog food review in the first place?

But, just in case you have a cat who would like to help Boston Terrier Network by writing a dog food review for us, we have provided s…

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