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 Okay so Babies Cry and Dogs Bark

There is nothing more bothersome than a crying baby or a barking dog when you have a headache or you're trying to concentrate on something important or talk on the phone...

No one should expect a dog to never bark. That’s as unreasonable as expecting a child to never talk. But some dogs bark excessively. If that’s a problem in your home, the first step is figuring ou…

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A girl named Claire:  A dog named Tuffy


Hello Lucie and Beans here.  We want to share with you a story about our human mom. We are so proud of her. We have been waiting for the right place to brag about her for the longest of times with all our Boston Friends.

So when the Boston Terrier Network offered us the chance we litterly jump on the chair to tell you.  We are so excited... Our mom is so special.. Woof! Woof! So grab a treat and settle down mom has a great true story to tell.…

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Sometimes Cheese is not Enough: Adventures of the Rodent Slayer

This is Debbie Rappuhn from Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt (HASRA), again! " I just could not let this story pass without sharing.

We have had a mouse problem at the sanctuary, with all of the dog food around and also being in the woods like we are.  So after trying mouse traps and peanut butter and cheese and everything else we could think of....a man was taking a kitten to the animal shelter, it was poor looking and black. We knew that it would be put to sleep that day at the shelter if it was taken there.  Even though we have no place for kittens at this time (future plans will be a Cat house), we took it.  It was going to be our sanctuary kitten! "…

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