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We are stronger together than we are alone!

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Your not alone, hundreds of dogs go missing every day. Social Media if full of found dogs and lost dogs and many more sites are on line every day.

So the first rule is NEVER GIVE UP! Dogs have been returned to thier owners sometimes years after they went missing.





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It is your Birthday, and you all ways get what you want! Part 1 of 2

So it is come to this! The decision has been sort of made, You and your family as kinda come to  an agreement... and this is it..... The kids are delighted, your spouse is resigned, and your not sure how the other house pets feel about it...  But what ever... they will all get over it one way or another.. It is not a big deal, besides it is your birthday and you all ways get what you want on your birthday. You even know what you want... A PURE BRED BOSTON.


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Dementia in dogs: A few suggestions to help

Robin was barking all the time, for no reason. She will sit and stare into corners and does not know where she is. It got so bad I thought her life was just misery and brought her to my vet. The vet and I agreed, she was no way ready to leave us so I put her on those two medications. They have helped. Robin is 12 now.....had a tough life in a puppy mill for 9 years. There are days I wonder about Robin's quality of life because it can get really bad. But I have been assured by many of my dog friends, that she will tell me and I will know when she is ready to cross the rainbow... In the meantime we are going to enjoy each others company and rejoices in each days pleasure. Besides her Facebook Friend a 3 legged Boston named Queen Izzy is her heron, and Izzy is only 17 or more. So there will be lots of wonderful days ahead...…

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