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Belly-bands are cloth bands that wrap around male dogs. The Velcro really helps them hard to get off, when the band is on good.
You know each dog is different in adapting to them.
Some have no problem with them and others will take a bit to get used to.


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A case for paying attention to the fact that we have a way of Humanizing  our dogs and missing the fact when Dogs communicate with their bodies

Misty tried to console Doris her new fostered rescue like Misty always did her daughter's fear. The noise from the thunderstorm was loud and seemed to be closer each time it crackled and boomed. Misty was inadvertently praised for her fear, and rewarded by the stroking and consoling. But how can you explain to a human that she was encouraging Doris to show fear to get extra attention a strong reward.  Doris is learning that by shaking, peeing, and whimpering an hiding she is exhibiting the appropriate response to the sound of thunder. In Doris's canine mind, if showing fear gets rewarded, then doing so every time will elicit the same response. Imagine getting attention for being scared.…

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It is your Birthday, and you all ways get what you want! Part 2

When we left of from our story Lisa was recovering from a devastating event. Well at least to her it was devastating and you might agree. She had convinced her family to go along with her selection of this years Birthday present and then it happened. The most horrible thing, just a few days from her big event... She was faced with the fact she could not get what she wanted... This had never happened before. Well at least not that she could remember in ages, maybe when she was 20 and her father had given her the wrong gift. To make matters worse, it was really meant to go to her older sister who's birthday was the next month.. A shattering experience for the whole family...…

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