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 "Hi There Humans... Let me introduce my self. My name is Bonnie or as my foster mom loves to call me Bonnie Boo...

Whew that was hard ... I think I will just let my mom explain."  MOM!  MOM!

Will you do this.....


 "Okay Sweetie. That was great."


 Hello, This is Bonnie's foster mom Christina here... Let me explain, why Bonnie is acting so shy..
 Bonnie is a foster of Alabama Boston Terrier Rescue and I have the joy of being her foster mom.

 Bonnie  Boo is extremely timid with new people especially men, but does not take long to warm up to them.  Bonnie is only 19 lbs and 7 years old. She’s very sweet and loves to nap beside you on the couch. She is crate trained and house trained. She will walk on her leash but won’t potty on it so it’s better if she has a fenced in yard to play in. She seems to get along with all dogs no matter the size. However, she doesn’t let them push her around. She probably would do best in a house without cats because she can’t understand why they won’t play with her. She is currently learning basic commands but she does have a ways to go. She doesn’t voluntarily go in her kennel but doesn’t mind being in there.

She has a lot of anxiety during thunder storms so she like to cuddle more then and her anxiety has greatly improved with her new Thundershirt. She’s good with children that are a little older. She hasn’t been around toddlers or very young kids. She loves to chase squirrels and chew sticks. She will definitely need a family that can shower her with love and affection. She loves chewy treats that she can spend some time chewing. And she loves her blankie and pillow but they are definitely wearing out because she drags her blankie around. Bonnie Bo takes daily medications for reflux. So we have frequent visits to the vet for her. Her playmate is Willie a Boston mix.


 You may contact Alabama Boston Terrier Rescue direct at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Bonnie is residing in Jackson Ms. If you would be interested in learning more about Sweet Bonnie Bo please contact direct.

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