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Bandit is a 4.5 year old owner surrender that came to Southern Cross Boston Terrier Rescue this week. His owner contacted them and said he had broken his leg again in the same spot by falling off a chair. Said his options were amputation (cheapest way to go) or euthanasia because the third option a plate was to expensive.


 Members of Southern Cross Boston Terrier Rescue stated "We met with the owner at Nashville Pet Specialists and found a cute little guy in a cage that was in a bunch of pain. Yes his leg was broken (again) and as he stood there with his little paw red, swollen and dangling I started to ask some questions."

"We had been told he was up to date on shots. Well he has not had a shot since his FIRST set of puppy shots. We asked how much he weighed because we were concerned about his emaciated condition. He weighs 11 pounds, has a dull flea infested coat, dirty ears, long nails and a skin problem on his nose. The owner told us they tried to put weight on him but to no avail. At this point we asked the owner to leave after signing the owner surrender form. Upon further examination we realized that there were tapeworms hanging from his rear and they were having a field day on him. Since he never had heartworm meds, we feared for the worst and knew he was worm infested. This is why he only weighed 11 pounds and has a dull coat..."

Southern Cross Boston Terrier representive went on to share, "The vet discussed our options and they took him away for x-rays and blood tests. We are happy to say he does NOT have heartworm. Only some miracle prevented that! He is now in our care and on Tuesday will be going in to see when they can surgically put a plate in his leg. This procedure will cost somewhere between $2,500 and $3,000. If you can find a tiny place in your heart to add another dog in need, we could use some help paying for this operation. We also desperately need foster homes as well. He is the very last baby we can take in at this point so if you are in the Nashville, TN area PLEASE consider filling out a foster home application on our main site:

THANK YOU in advance for helping out! We will keep you posted on his condition.


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