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Rescued by: Boston Terrier Rescue Oklahoma

NEW   JAN 20, 2017

**On medical hold**

She was an owner surrender and lived in a pet store.

The story that we  (Boston Terrier Rescue Oklahoma)  learned, was that she was bounced around quite a bit.

Molly Mae has been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). She is on medications for that has to eat low sodium food needs dental work has cataracts in both of her eyes.

 Molly Mae has lost about 3 pounds of fluid since she has been with her foster mom. She has to be on a special low sodium diet. She's now playing with the others and seems to be much happier.



Alice is Molly Mae's foster mom: "Molly comes to us as an owner surrender. She's been bounced around from place to place and finally made her way to us.
She has congestive heart failure and is in a mid to late stage of it. Her heart is enlarged to the size of what a big dog's heart should be.
She has lost about 3 pounds of fluid since she has been on her Vetmedin. She is also on Lasix and salmon oil.
Her blood work wasn't great, but surprisingly her kidney and liver levels looked great. The vet estimated her to be 10-13 years old.
Her teeth are in horrible shape, but she's too high of a risk to anesthetize right now for a dental.
She has cataracts in both eyes and a corneal ulcer on one. She's kind of a mess right now, but we will sure do what we have to do to get her comfortable. Prayers for this girl would be appreciated right now!"

BTN was curious so we asked.  "What does the salmon oil do?"

Alice  Molly's foster mom told us.  "The salmon oil is good for the heart. The vet recommended her be on it. It's the omega 3 fatty acids in it that help."


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We need YOUR help. Please consider a donation, either monthly or a  one-time gift.

Molly Mae requires The Vetmedin is about $130 for 50 pills, which should last over a month. She is also on Lasix and salmon oil. She has to be on a special low sodium diet. Between her food and her salmon oil, it's about $60-$70 a month. We won't know what the dental will cost until she has it. They charged extra for every tooth that has to be pulled and her teeth are gross.

 Our goal for Molly Mae , is to provide a 6-month fund to help the rescue. We are asking you to help us raise $1200 for her medical fund.   Thank you for helping us help, Boston Terrier Rescue of Oklahoma (BTRO) and most of all, Molly Mae.

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