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 Rescued by: Boston Terrier Rescue Oklahoma

***Medical Hold***

Princess is seven years old and just lovely girl. She's well behaved and is a bit of chunk, so she will need to be kept on a diet. She LOVES to eat!

Princess had to be surrendered with her buddy, Tiki, when her human daddy got sick and couldn't care for them anymore.
Princess gets along well with other dogs and is a calm girl. Tiki will bully her over her food sometimes and she just takes it like a champ.

Delana her foster mom has shared with us the following.

She came in with a massive ear infection, which is being treated.   She's rather cute with her droopy ear and one eye, don't ya think??


Princess’s back story.

Princess developed Cushing's after she was surrendered because her human daddy was sick and dying. The vet found it when her lens in her only remaining eye sub-luxated.

She has Cushing's, high blood pressure and her eye has to be monitored for glaucoma. She saw the ophthalmologist this past Monday and was put on two more eye drops to keep the pressure down. Her Vetoryl is about $80 a month, eye drops are about $100 a month and she will need frequent visits to check her cortisol levels and eye pressure. She has had two ACTH Stim tests to check her cortisol levels. She is now normal with being on the Vetoryl. We will keep her eye as long as we can without it causing pain. The ophthalmologist said that there is a slim possibility that she could get her vision back, but right now she sees nothing.


BTN asked about how well she was adapting to the borrowed halo.

How's she doing with that thing? Does she need one of her own?

Heather who is Princess's foster mom tells us.

"Pretty well. When It bumps she redirects. It doesn't keep her out of everything but it is already helping. Ok she is doing really well with it and it's not in her way just bouncing her off stuff she would have originally run into.

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Halos are so helpful for some of the dogs. We understand that Princes is using a  borrowed halo  that needs to be returned. Perhaps someone will have a halo they no longer need and donate it to her. We will put up her mesurements just in case thier is one available. 


 We need YOUR help. Please consider a donation, either monthly or a one-time gift.

PRINCESS has Cushing's, high blood pressure and her eye has to be monitored for glaucoma.    Her medical bills will run approximate $180  to $150  a month, due to eye concerns and extra vet visits.

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Our goal for PRINCESS, is to provide a 6-month fund to help the rescue. We are asking you to help us raise $1080 for her medical fund.   Thank you for helping us help, Boston Terrier Rescue of Oklahoma (BTRO) and most of all, Princess.

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