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Meet Joy!

UPDATED JAN 20, 2017

**On medical hold**

Rescued by: Boston Terrier Rescue Oklahoma


This precious six-year-old girl we are calling Joy, because she has a lot of joy coming to her that she so desperately deserves! She's been used as a puppy mill momma with little to no vet care.

She went to the vet first thing. She was in pretty sad shape. She has been treated for keratoconjunctivitis (KCS), glaucoma, heartworms, and possibly a pregnancy. Her bloodwork showed she was anemic with an infection.


 The KCS is chronic dry eye and has caused secondary glaucoma. Her eyes are painful and bulging and she may have some limited vision. We are hoping that she responds to the eye drops with positive results. She's also a high heartworm positive. She has a long road to recovery ahead of her. Joy has chronic dry eye in both eyes that was untreated until we got her into rescue, as far as Boston Terrier Rescue of Oklahoma can tell.


 Delana her foster mom has shared with us the following.

“We had to wait awhile to spay her to make sure she wasn't pregnant. She had two ultrasounds before we spayed to make sure she wasn't pregnant.

She has been treated with a prescription eye drop along with an eye lubricant that appear to be working. She goes to the ophthalmologist next week to confirm this and get an idea of her prognosis. She can still see, but is pretty testy around other dogs. She has some scars on her legs.”

Joy’s back story.
“She was a puppy mill dog. Her human daddy got sick. There was no way he could keep her. Joy was posted on a For Sale group and we talked him into letting her come to rescue."

We need YOUR help. Please consider a donation, either monthly or a one-time gift.
JOY has KCS a chronic dry eye. Eye drops/lube are about $50-$55 per month and she will need them the rest of her life. Her eyes require lubrication three times per day.

Her medical bills will run approximate $100 to $150 a month, due to eye drops and extra vet visits.

Our goal for Joy, is to provide a 6-month fund to help the rescue. We are asking you to help us raise $700 for her medical fund.  Thank you for helping us help, Boston Terrier Rescue of Oklahoma (BTRO) and most of all, Joy.


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Contact Boston Terrier Rescue Oklahoma (BTRO) at info@btrescueoklahoma.com

If you are interested in adopting JOY, please fill out an
adoption application.

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