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ella mae NEBTRMy Dog Has Cushing's and I’m Not Sure I Will Treat Her

I can’t begin to tell you how I feel when I see or hear that statement. But, I will say that it makes my blood boil. Why would someone even think like that?

Have you witnessed any of your dog’s symptoms?

• Increased thirst and urination (polydipsia and polyuria, respectively)
• Increased hunger
• Increased panting
• Pot-bellied abdomen
• Obesity
• Fat pads on the neck and shoulders
• Loss of hair
• Lack of energy
• Inability to sleep (insomnia)
• Muscle weakness
• Lack of heat cycle in female dogs (anestrus)
• Shrinking of testicles
• Darkening of the skin
• Appearance of blackheads on the skin
• Thin skin (from weight gain)
• Bruising (from thin, weakened skin)
• Hard white scaly patches on the skin, elbows, etc. (associated with the disease calcinosis cutis)

Let’s say your dog only has five symptoms, that’s not a lot…right? Now picture yourself having only the first three symptoms. Picture yourself running around in a circle, trying to decide should I eat, drink or pee. You need to do them all and your body is telling you to do them all. You are absolutely going crazy at this point and you just peed on the floor while you were drinking and eating.

Watching a dog with untreated Cushing’s is hell. I know, because I did it for three months, and not by choice. Ella was being treated by an integrated vet who had her on Chinese herbs that were counter acting each other. During this time she was in diapers 24/7 and drinking bowls of water. She could not sleep, always wanted to eat, could barely walk and had open, oozing, bloody sores over half of her little body. It was no way to live and she was slipping away quickly.

That was it! I was watching her die before my very eyes. We put plan B into action. We went to a new holistic 'and' conventional vet. She was put on vetoryl (conventional) to treat the disease and several herbs and supplements (holistic) to treat her whole body. I completely changed her diet. Ella began to improve almost immediately. One year later Ella is thriving.

So, please think of it like this, will the benefits of treatment outweigh the risks? If the positions were reversed what would your dog do for you?

Reprinted with permission

Northeast Boston Rescue (NEBTR) is comprised of volunteers based in NY, NJ, PA, CT and parts of other states, and serves Boston Terriers in need within reach of our helping hands.

Meet Ella Mae who is being treated for Cushing's

 Edited by:  Jan Mitchell