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 The other day someone asked, "Is watermelon okay for my dog, he's a Boston Terrier?"
Well, that got me to thinking.  My first reaction was, of course. I have fed it to my dogs often. Not a whole lot at one time. But I really had never looked to see what the general opinion was on Watermelon.


Maybe I should check out the answer, after all one of the world’s favorite fruits is watermelon. Why would it not be one of your dog's favorites also? I have never heard that it was bad for dogs. But I wanted to make sure before I answered this question.


The only thing worse than running out of watermelon, is having your Boston watch you like a hawk while you are trying to enjoy your snack, smacking her lips with that loving look each time a piece reaches your mouth. Before sitting down with a nice bowl of sliced or frozen watermelon to share, it is important to know if watermelon is a good food for your dog to eat as well.


Can dogs eat watermelon?

After much research, I have come to the conclusion that the answer is:  BTwatermelonbowl84

Yes. Watermelon is very safe for dogs. Just be careful, do not give your dog the seeds, because they can give them a little tummy ache. 


The next time you are out and shopping for watermelon and there is, and you will be passing a few pieces along to your four legged friend, why not spend the extra money and go for the seedless watermelon to keep you both safe.¹


The grocery stores and local fresh food farmers markets and growers are starting to stock watermelon.  These fruits are tasty and refreshing for us humans, but are they safe for dogs? Yes, dogs can eat watermelon. In fact, watermelon is a very healthy option for your Boston. ²


So there you have it, after reading up on one of my favorite fall fruits, I can assure you my Bostons will continue to be given watermelon, in small amounts. Watermelon, it turns out, contains quite a bit of natural sugar, which is okay in small amounts, but can cause pretty bad diarrhea in larger amounts, so keep the portions small, particularly for a small dog. Also, the seeds are indigestible and the white rind can cause stomach upset, so make sure you de-seed any pieces you give him.



And a side note on fresh veggies:

 Carrots and broccoli are also great. Though neither cleans plaque off teeth. That is an old wives' tale. The only way to get teeth clean is to brush them, either with a doggie toothbrush or with a damp terrycloth towel with your finger wrapped in it. Carrots don't clean plaque off our teeth, and they don't do it for dogs either.³