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 red-flag-mdRed Flag #9:  The breeder raises many different breeds.

While many Boston breeders may have one, possibly two more breeds, someone that has more than 3 breeds and is breeding them regularly is typically a profit breeder or puppy mill. When you get into multiple breeds, the number of dogs you keep increases dramatically and the chance of the puppies being raised inside the home and well socialized decreases.

Woo hoot! You found a breeder that has several puppies to choose from! BZZT! Not good.


Red Flag #10:  Why is there no one in line?

If that breeder does not have anyone waiting for puppies and has several available, they most likely have a bad reputation, or they are breeding far too many litters. If you keep running into ads from a certain breeder who can’t seem to get rid of their puppies, it’s a good idea to look somewhere else. Reputable breeders have waiting lists and prescreen the new homes carefully. There is rarely a need to do any advertising of their puppies. A health guarantee means a healthy puppy, right? Oh, in a perfect world it might. On Planet Earth, we like to say the guarantee is only as good as the person behind it.


Red Flag #11:  Guarantees that protect the seller and not the buyer.

If a breeder has been doing the right thing in health testing their breeding stock, there should be no qualms about guaranteeing the puppy against the issues it's parents do not possess or carry. But oftentimes you will see contracts that cover you only if the puppy actually dies. What if the puppy needs a $2500 surgery on its patellas or eyes and you love the dog too much to put it down based upon the cost? You are out of luck my friend. A guarantee should cover both individuals equally. If the contract is obviously designed to only cover the seller’s butt, walk away… quickly. Your butt needs to be covered too.


Red Flag # 12:  You just don’t feel good about it!

Do not ignore your intuition. It’s there to keep you out of trouble and usually picks up on things that your conscious mind doesn’t. No one wants the happy occasion of getting a new Boston to turn into a bad experience. May of you will be fortunate enough to never know what problems you avoided.



Jani Martin is a show breeder and passionate Boston Terrier enthusiast. Her background was originally in training and showing horses, but after they were sold in 1999, in order to concentrate on family, she still missed the show ring. She purchased her first show prospect from Iowans Bostons in 2006 and like the typical Boston Terrier owner, could not stop at one. That enthusiasm resulted in the founding of EQ Bostons shortly after. Fortunately, she was able to find the mentors along the way who helped coach her in the right direction and fuel her passion for the breed. She is sometimes known for not speaking up for herself when she should, but she is often known for expressing opinions when it’s better to shut up. At least what comes out (good or bad) is genuine. And like our little “smooshy faced” buddies, she also tries to include a little humor in everything she does.