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Sometimes when we  feed our dogs dry kibble from the list of best commercial foods we still want to add a touch of our own. Even the best kibble can be improved.



By decreasing the total amount of food you feed your dog to about a fourth of the food calories you when you add appropriate variety of fresh food you will not have to worry about unhealthy weight gains.






I believe that dogs benefit from variety in their diet like humans do.

Some of the foods you can try are:


Eggs. Some suggest that egg whites are more easily digested when cooked and egg yolks have more nutritional value if fed raw. Many people who add eggs to their dog food soft-cook, or scramble them. A nice treat to add to their kibble once a week.




Yogurt is another usually low-fat or nonfat plain is used since the flavored varieties have more sugar added than you Boston would need.  Use yogurt with live and active cultures. Varieties that contain more than just Lactobacillus acidophilus may provide additional benefits to the digestive tract.





Don't forget the Berries like Blueberries, and fruits like bananas, melon, pumpkin watermelon and apples,


Green beans, spinach, sweet potatoes, carrots, zucchini slices, frozen peas, small amounts of broccoli


Even Sardines  packed in water not oil, small portions of jack mackerel or pink salmon. always adjust the amounts to the size of the dog.





Okay so we have been told often by our veterinarians "no human foods", they  discourage giving leftovers to dogs, but as long as you stick to meahgan 4242healthy foods and limit portions, there is no harm in sharing your meals with your dogs.(my opinion).  Feed the same foods you eat yourself, such as meat and vegetables, not fatty scraps that lead to weight gain and have little nutritional value. Keep amounts small, or reduce meal size to accommodate the extra calories. Here we are only talking about occasionally not the main meal...

Add cottage cheese make your own chicken broth, Do you feed your dogs something different?

Do you want to try making your own kibble? Here is a link with a recipe you might want to try.