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Seven Thanksgiving and Christmas Foods Dogs Can Eat

Merry Christmas!

If you have family members, two and four-legged, joining your feast, it is important to know who can eat what. Human food and dogs do not get along that great, especially the flavorful, seasoned dishes served during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Diarrhea in dogs is extremely common as a result of overfeeding them rich foods. Too much of a go…

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Pumpkin Dog Treats

Pumpkin dog treats are a great low calorie snack for your favorite four legged friend.

Pumpkin is a great superfood for dogs!  Full of vitamins and loaded with health benefits. Take a look at the benefits of pumpkin for dogs.

Some dogs will eat pumpkin raw, but baking treats with pumpkin is an easy way to get your dog to accept pumpkin.

You can use canned, but avo…

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The saga of the $6,000 Boston


From the start of her life, things were just not going right for Gracie Mae. She was born with several serious medical conditions, notably the inability to control her urinary and sphincter muscles, leaving her incontinent of urine and feces, and sometimes constipated. In addition, she had bilateral luxating patellas. Luckily for her she was surrendered to res…

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