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Is it too late to clean this carpet and remove the odors?

Recently, while doing my housework I came across a spot on the carpet near a chair leg that had gone unnoticed.

Drats, I had missed a urine puddle and it had dried.  If you are like most of us with dogs, cats and even sometimes human kids, sometimes you just do not find the accident sight when it is fresh.


Yes, it is a fact that at some time everyone is go…

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Introducing your Boston terrier  to water: Part 1 of 2

It seems so fundamental to being a dog that we have even named a stroke after them, the dog paddle. Naturally, you would assume, that is another thing that dogs are born knowing how to do. 


While I have not ever had the opportunity to take, my Boston terrier fosters, and other dogs to the lakes and streams, of which there are many around here; we have had…

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Welcome to our Boston Terrier Network

Welcome to our Boston Terrier Network

I can just imagine your first thoughts “OH NO, not another News Feed  about Boston’s! What could I possibly find here, that would be worth my time?”

But wait! This is about you, your friends and about your favorite, the American Gentleman, the Boston terrier dog. On top of that, we invite you to join us on an adventure. Yes an adventure!…

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