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A Boston Making a Difference at a Nursing Home

Major Payne and I had another very special visit at our favorite nursing home.










First we visited with Ms. S. She was so happy because she is going to be moving to an assisted living home! She is so excited. It is close by so I will be able to visit her there. While Ms. S. and I were talking in the acti…

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Famous Boston Terriers


Everyone is familiar with the 5yo Certified Therapy Dog who rides his Harley-Davidson motorcycle into the hearts of us all. Whether it be charity events, parades or his visits to nursing homes, hospitals, hospices and private residences, Chopper puts a smile on the face of everybody he meets.

Mark Shaffer, Chopper’s owner and Dad, placed him on a bike when…

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Natural Weed Killer

A weed is really just another plant that is unwanted in a specific area. It has similar characteristics as most plants. Kill them while they are young. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to rid them of the yard.

Perennial weeds must be removed by the roots and pulled out completely or they will easily re-root. They normally have underground runners that run horizontally through the soil. The long taproots must be eliminated.…

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